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David Amor is from Neda, the treasure of the “break”.

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The young man is a reference at the Galician level in this type of dance and his short-term objective is to win the Spanish championship

September 12, 2022 . Updated at 05:00 h.

About to turn sixteen, David Amor is the jewel of Galicia break. It is a dance style that emerged in the sixties, in the United States, an art closely linked to hiphop and, starting in 2024 at the Paris Games, it will be considered an Olympic sport. For the natural B-Boy of it NedaDavid Amor, who attitude, effort and talentit is his keystone on the road to continuing to take steps forward in his short and successful career get a sponsor, a person who supports his journey to be able to continue participating in championships across the Peninsula, which represents a high economic cost to his family. Despite the obstacles, the objectives for David are to continue growing and learning day by day and in the short term, to become a champion of Spain and, in the future, participate in the Los Angeles Olympics in 2028.

—How did you start in the world of «break»?

—I started in certain classes given in San Féinn. I didn’t dance there breakHe did urban dances. In that same academy they gave break and I signed up out of curiosity. They stopped giving those classes and, in a competition, I found a teacher who helped me improve a lot. Now I train alone and prepare myself for the competition, although I do virtual classes with a Barcelona coach named Luis, who is helping me a lot.

—What would you say to be good at this practice?

—The most important thing is to try and be aware that things will not work out the first time. That is, you start with that movement and you have to work on it for a while until it comes out. Later, when it comes out, you have to find variations of that same movement, you can’t move on to another one.

Would you say persistence is the key?

—You can have talent and things come easy to you, but talented people tend to leave it quickly, because they are boring. On the other hand, those who persevere and persist until they succeed are the ones who can finally get there.

— How were your results in the last championships?

-Very good. I recently had a championship in Portugal called the World Battle and I was in the top five. Also, the one who eliminated me was a Russian who won the event and we finished two rounds to one. I think I played a good role and I’m happy.

What are your next goals?

—In the short term, win the Spanish championship. Also does well in scoring head in Barcelona. And this week’s win, which is from the Galician League.

—How do you see the situation at the Galician level?

—Many people are starting as children and there is a level when they are older. I’m currently with the seniors and I’m second in the ranking. In Galicia there is Vella Escola, which contributes greatly to the break Galician.

—What do you think about this sport being Olympic from the year 2024?

-It seems fine to me. Spain never thought that the break It was an Olympian and it didn’t prepare people for it. For example, countries like Russia and China have been thinking about this for many years. In the championships, you always see Russia, China or Ukraine in the first places. A lot is needed from Spain and the national team, to which I belong and where I am the only Galician, we work to improve as much as possible.

—Would it be your dream to represent Spain in the Games?

—Not only to Spain. It is already an honor to represent Ferrolterra in the Spanish championship. And already representing Neda, the town where I was born, at the Olympics, would already be crazy.

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