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Christian Martinoli on working at Televisa: “I would never do it”

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ANDlaunch of the programme Third Grade Sports with Television In the middle of this week, it did not leave anyone indifferent, this is because of the journalists who will share a discussion table starting next April 10.

This new project will be led by the San Ángel TV station Denise Maekerowner of the nightly news i The stars. The renowned journalist will be accompanied by: david faitson (ESPN), andre marin (Fox Sports), Javier Alarcón (Imagen TV), María José González (TNT Sports), Alejandro de la Rosa (TUDN) and Alberto Lati (Fox Sports).

Martinoli, without mincing words

The always controversial narrator and Mexican host, christian martinolinothing was spared when there was talk of a hypothetical arrival at Televisa and also of the participation of Faitelson and Marín, who were his companions in Aztec Television and that they participate in TGD.

In an interview for Ball VIPChristian forcefully ruled out the possibility of working with Televisa one day: “No, I have said openly that I will never work for Televisa. But hey, if David (Faitelson) and André (Marín) want to go because they’ve been invited. , it’s perfect”.

The second refers to the fact that both David and André have repeatedly expressed their animosity towards Emilio Azcárraga Jean’s company due to the strong rivalry with Azteca in the late 90s and early 2000s.

“I understand that it does not mean that they work at Televisa, that they go there to the program. It seems to me that Faitelson is going to tear them apart, that is very clear to me.” Christian expressed high regard for David as a journalist, even calling him a sports media “genius”.

Did Televisa offer you a job?

In a conversation with David Medrano, Martinoli said some time ago that he had informal talks with people from Televisa, but there is nothing concrete like that to work in the competition: “Well, they told me ‘if you want to accept an offer to work at Televisa’ and I said to him: ‘Look, any offer that comes to me, the first thing I have to do is talk to Azteca and if Azteca agrees with the offer of anyone who comes to me, I stay in Azteca.

When and what time does Tercer Deportivo Deportivo open?

This opinion and discussion program will premiere next Monday, April 10 at 11:00 am (Mexico City time) on the channel The stars open tv.

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