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China Suárez revealed the condition of Nicolás Cabré to allow his daughter Rufina to act – GENTE Online

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The IS china suarez just opened with rusherking, boy, the video clip of their first song together called Hypnotized. He surprised everyone, daughter rufina He participated in the presentation and grabbed all eyes for his tender performance. Before filming, he had to talk to Nicolas Cabrethe father of her eldest daughter, to authorize the recording.

“Obviously I had to ask Nico for permission. He’s only in Mexico directing. We video-called him two days before and she swore he wasn’t going to let her out in the video,” the actress began to recite and revealed what was the key issue in approving the project: “Nicolás asked him if he wanted to do it“.

Smiling, he assured them they were “caught on a good day” and the actor couldn’t resist when his only daughter told him she wanted to be a part of the video clip. “It is also true that she is older. She is already 9 years old. Later I told him that she was very professional,” he said.

The former Casi Ángeles told him that his ex-partner had been worried about this type of activity for a long time since they generated a lot of exposure. “He started acting from a very young age…”, he explained in an interview with Fer Dente.

“I drool over her. In addition they took her on an angelic plane. It’s not because she is my daughter, but it’s true,” said the very proud actress before Rufina’s first acting performance.

China Suárez showed the goal of the debut of her daughter Rufina

After the successful premiere, the actress shared unpublished images from the day of filming on her Instagram account, where she has more than 6 million followers. He showed his daughter’s experience at this event: “Crédidos para mi Rufita debuting as an actress. She followed every sign from the director and was happy all day.”

China Suárez posing with Rufina Cabré
Photo: Instagram capture

The video, which had a special participation by Alexander Fantino, they co-starred China’s daughter and Nicolás Cabré. The girl sat as “guest of honor” in the first row in front of the altar where her mother and her partner simulated a wedding. Rufina, with short wavy hair, wore a beautiful pink chiffon dress with ruffles and it was the perfect revelation.

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