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A nutritionist explains why it makes no sense to eliminate coffee from our diet

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It is one of the drinks that prevent ​​the Perricone diet.

At some point we have referred to diet pericinone of the favorites among celebrities and celebrities. Eva Mendes, Julia Roberts and even the queen Letizia among other famous names to follow her.

It is becoming more and more fashionable since it promises, in addition to losing weight, skin rejuvenation and its creator, the dermatologist Nicholas PerriconeI thought there was a way to treat the skin, as well as topically, to help the body reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and it was in this context that he began to investigate how inflammation had a lot to do with it. with him. the aging.

The diet prohibits the consumption of fried food, refined flours, fruit juices, coffee and alcohol and promotes the consumption of nuts, olive oil and salmon. And precisely about that restriction with coffee, the nutritionist spoke yesterday Pablo Ojeda in the program Better late in The sixth.

Other benefits of coffee

Coffee with milk (Getty)

We have recently referred to several studies that support that coffee that reduces the risk of cancer or cardiovascular diseases and one of the most recent that highlights its properties when it emerges. protect memory.

Ojeda was also referring to one of these studies on coffee, as explained on the La Sexta website, “It does not make much sense to remove coffee from the diet since there are very solid studies that tell us about the nutritional benefits of this product” and sent “The main reason why this diet is banned is because it “turns out to make your cortisol level a little bit higher”.

In addition, the expert explained that Iñaki López and Cristina Pardo that up to 400 mg of coffee per day has many nutritional benefits, which would be equivalent to about four cups, according to a recent study.

He also talked about a recent study that confirms that coffee reduces body fat and, specifically, that a cup of coffee a day reduces the risk of suffering diabetes by 7%, which according to the nutritionist is due to the fact that it is slightly . increases the metabolism and that is why it is good for cases of obesity. He also emphasized the importance of weight and health going together, sometimes we can be thin but not healthy.

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