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16 photos: the inauguration of the exclusive bar chosen by critics and celebrities

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Seba García, Ezequiel Pereira, Sebastián Schkair, Germán Pereira, Daniel Gabrielli and Mariano Maciel.

Bar President, Considered one of the best bars in the country, it opened its second location in Buenos Aires, this time at the San Isidro Hippodrome. The site stands out for its extensive menu with signature drinksbut also on reversal classic cocktail and the great variety of it whisky.

Carmela Carey and Gonzalo Bonadeo.

Argentine celebrities such as the “ex Soda” took part in the launch Charlie Albertithe model pia slapkathe fashion designer James Artemisthe businesswoman Cynthia Kernthe comedian “Mummy” Giardina and the journalists Gonzalo Bonadeo and Joaquín “Pollo” Álvarez.

Seba Garcia, Daniel Gabrielli, Macarena Posse, Mariano Maciel, Federico Arlandis.

From Presidente Bar they announced that they will also open a branch in the neighborhood in the future Wynwood, Miami; America’s premier arts district, famous for its large, colorful murals.

Daniel Gabrielli and Charlie Alberti.

The “original” bar is located in an old house in the neighborhood of Buenos Aires Recoletaon the street President Quintana 188. An important fact is that it is the house of the fatherhood and where one of the most important literary authors in the Spanish language grew up: Adolfo Bioy Casares.

Natalia Reason, Pia Slapka and Mariano Berguio.

Some of the people who chose it were to hold a private celebration or enjoy a drink Lionel Messi, Maluma and the rock bands Red Hot Chili Peppers and Cold fun; the latter made the after party of his 10th marathon presentation in the country.

Ignacio Ribatto, Luca Bonomi, Santiago Ribatto, Juan Caselli and Hugo Lopez.

They are added Marcelo and Juana Tinelli, Lali, Wanda Nara, Santiago Artemis and Chano Charpentier; like some of the regulars in the cocktail house.

Mariano Maciel, Daniel Gabrielli, Federico Bonomi and Cynthia Kern.

Among his awards, for three years he is still one of the 50 best bars in the world according to the British page 50 Best in the world; where sites of gastronomic excellence are selected and rewarded annually.

Mariano Maciel, Gustavo Pucheta, Alejandra Alburquerque, Fabian Paz and Daniel Gabrielli.

Another distinction is that Presidente Bar managed to enter this global culinary ranking after only two years of existence. In addition, they say from their organization that it is one of the two bars in the history of national cocktails that have achieved that unbroken permanence.

Tefi Russo, Daniel Gabrielli and Pollo Alvarez.

The Presidente Bar team consists of six men from the world of gastronomy and cocktails.

Ezequiel Pereira and Sebastian Schkair They are the gastronomic entrepreneurs who migrated to Miami to prepare the opening of another branch in that city after the inauguration of the first place in Recoleta.

It is the mind behind the flavors seba garcia. Called “El Cantinero”, he is the creator of the signature cocktail offer at Presidente Bar. Pub most influential in the world.

Germans Pereira, Jose Guillen, Juan Cruz Ramallo, Carlos Guillen, Mariano Maciel and Daniel Gabrielli.

He is the CEO of the centre German Pereira, in charge of general planning and day-to-day logistics; and the partner Mariano Maciel gives the know of the exclusive crops. He is the founder of the sites speakeasy Frank’s and Nicky Harrison, the latter with a membership system.

Luis Palacios and Mar Fryda Saez.

It is the latest addition Daniel Gabrielli, an experienced businessman who will help to achieve the new expansion stage of Presidente Bar.

Seba Garcia, Daniel Gabrielli, Santiago Artemis and Mariano Maciel.

Inspired by the 19th century mansion, Presidente Bar has limited access space for those who desire privacy. It’s about “Library”, an environment for 30 people with an exclusive bar, own music, period furniture and walls full of old books.

It is the space chosen by the “friends” of the house who want a remote, hidden and quiet environment.

Seba Garcia, Ezequiel Pereira, Sebastian Schkair, Mariano Maciel, Benja Pereira, Pablo Pereira, Daniel Gabrielli and German Pereira.

For more information, you can visit the Conradh na Gaeilge website Bar President or your official account instagram.

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