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More of the weird Breaking Bad commercial at the Super Bowl

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It was so much the impact of Heisenberg and the series Even though Breaking Bad finished its episodes, it created some great spin-offs, which is why a recent commercial about sandwiches struck a chord with fans during the super bowlbut it wasn’t on TV during the big game on Sunday.

It’s about Pop Corners from Frito-Lays, the snack bar that inspired a 30-second Super Bowl spot is reuniting with the chemistry teacher turned meth manufacturing kingpin Walter White represented by Bryan Cranston and his apprentice Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul).

This commercial, it was a total of 60 seconds long, and now the extended 90 second version has been posted online with even more Breaking Bad references, and it’s the bomb.

As well as Walt’s iconic yellow hazmat suit, which is reminiscent of the “Hail the King” key art from the fifth and final season of the series, the ad shows the episode “Ozymandias” when Walt rolls a barrel of PopCorners cash through the New Mexico desert. Series creator, Vince Gilliganwrote and directed the ad, celebrating the reunion of Cranston and Paul after they reprized their roles last year in the spin-off’s final season. Better call Saul.

“PopCorners’ desire to properly extend the franchise and a campaign that inspires Breaking Bad fans is what brought us back for this Super Bowl commercial,” Cranston said in a statement.

“Walt would have been immediately drawn to the basic ingredients of PopCorners, so ‘Breaking Good’ made perfect sense as an alternate history that would have been much better for him and Jesse.”

Paul added: “There’s nothing better than being able to bring such important characters to life, surrounded by so many original cast and crew, for the most exciting sporting event of the year. We’re grateful that PopCorners gave us a great opportunity to bring our Breaking Bad family together, especially with a brand that I think is about to become everyone’s favorite snack.”

Notice is given: “Good Break” from PopCorners, and is one of many stellar Super Bowl commercials that aired during the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, which are now number one on YouTube, and continue to delight fans.

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