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#InclusionReal, a campaign to break down prejudices

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In the framework of the World Awareness Day of Down syndromethe civil society Cambiando la Mirada, which works to break down prejudices and open paths of opportunity for people with this genetic trait, presented a new awareness campaign, focused on the importance of giving people real space with Down syndrome to show what they are. able to achieve true inclusion and accordingly.

This year, Change of View will spread the original musical theme #REALINCLUSIONwhich shows the difference between “ diversity” and “inclusion” and suggests going one step further.

As a society we have made great strides in terms of diversity, but it is more about acceptance and integration. What we want to propose with this campaign is to go a step further: to give a proper space so that the person can offer their contribution, show what they are capable of; and that their participation reflects the value of diversity”, some Dolores Pisano Costafounder and director of Changing the Look, an organization declared by the Legislature of Buenos Aires as having a Social Interest on November 3.The phrase “Diversity is invited to the party; inclusion, being asked to dance” I think he explains it very well and it only applies to people with Down syndrome. We would recommend working for a #RealInclusion where we benefit”add.

This campaign and the musical performance have the support of Fundación Macro and the participation of celebrities and important people such as Cris Morena, Geraldine Neumann, Zaira Nara, Maru Botana, among others.

Cambiando la Mirada is a civil society founded by parents of people with Down syndrome and without Down syndrome, which came together in 2019 to focus on the strengths and abilities of these people, to open paths that generate opportunities where participants can to pursue their potential and reach their potential. a better version of themselves, adding value to society as a whole.

For more information about the association, visit www.cambiandolamirada.com.ar.


Everything changes

if we give a place

It’s time

true inclusion.

Do you remember that game you watched from the bench?

And the time at work when they were not listening to you.

That drama you were in,

And when they hired you to stand there.

When invited to the party, that’s the difference.

But inclusion is being asked to dance.

He is really giving the opportunity

to show everything you can add.

Everything changes

if we give a place

It’s time

true inclusion.

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