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What time does Invincible Love come on? Novela schedule and when Medio Metro comes out

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ANDn what shows return to television Angelique Boyer,“Invincible Love”the new version of it ‘Sea Salt’produced by John Osorio for Television-Univision. The soap opera joined the channel ‘The stars’ as a series replacement “Rin” and in a few chapters she was the queen of his schedule.

Of course, it’s the high doses of drama and passion that have kept viewers on the edge of their seats, week after week. Now the protagonist Marena Ramos/Leona Bravo, about to discover disturbing secrets.

What is “Invincible Love” about?

15 years ago, a coastal town saw the drama that lives on Marena Ramos, a young woman who suffers an accident due to Gael Torrenegro, the heir to one of the most important beer companies in the country. He is afraid of his father’s reaction, Ramses Torrenegrohe decides to contact the therapist, Adrian Hernandez, to help the girl; however, it does not take into account the birth of a love triangle.

However, Marena gets pregnant with Irish, who asks to get rid of the children for fear of what their father will do. She does not accept and, in the end, she gets out together with Adrian to Ramses runs a human trafficking network. In this context, the woman makes the complaint, but her entire family dies in response. Years later, bouquets she is determined to exact revenge and takes on a new identity to do so: Leona Bravo.

When does Half Metro come out?

Jose Eduardo Rodriguez, the one called ‘Half metre’, Oh Leon, Guanajuato, which is 24 years aged, will make his television debut and will be in the soap opera Osorio. According to what is revealed behind the scenes where he is seen, half a meter appear in a scene where they appear Itzel (Karla Gaytan) 16 years of age) and Benja (Emiliano González 20 years of age).

According to the images it is understood that their appearance will take place in the context of a sounder on the street and it is believed that she will simply be present, but not some dialogue, that is, she will act as an add-on. Unfortunately it is unknown when the episode will be half a meter it will appear in the novel, and it is believed, that it will only be an appearance.

It is broadcast from Monday to Friday on the channel ‘The stars’starting at 9:30 p.m (central time).

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