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What is Paul Grant, Harry Potter and Star Wars actor, death of

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The death of Paul Grant, who has been recognized as part of numerous Hollywood productions, was known. Here we tell you what is known.

©FacebookWhat is Paul Grant, Harry Potter and Star Wars actor, death of.

Paul Grantan actor known for being part of the classics from the 80s and appearing in many other feature films, died aged 56. This was confirmed by his family members, who explained what happened to him a few days ago and what he went through until he reached the sad result. Among the most famous franchises he was in, yes Star wars and Harry Potter.

The interpreter measured 4 feet 4 inches (52 centimeters), so he had an ideal height for George Lucas and he was chosen to be a ewok in Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi. Some production sources say he previously appeared in the saga as Kenny Baker’s replacement for the robot. R2-D2 in some scenes.

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As confirmed by the media A mirrorBritish Transport Police responded to a medical emergency outside King’s Cross station on March 16 and officers found a Paul on the ground after falling. They performed CPR on him before paramedics arrived and he was taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

Beyond the resuscitation efforts, when he came to the medical center He was declared brain dead. During Sunday evening, his relatives, already unanswered and without hope, made the decision to turn off his life support machine. This is how their relatives Grant: His ex-wife Janet Crowson and their three children Sophie, Nicole and Robbie.

Just like he was part of one of the most successful franchises of all time, for example Star warswas in too Harry potter and the philosopher’s stone like the goblin from Gringotts Bank that Hagrid and Harry talk to. His other credits include work on Labyrinth (1986) by David Bowie and the classic Willow (1986) from Lucasfilm.

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