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What is a sex blanket and why should you have one?

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    There is a joke going around the internet that sex is only dirty if it is done very well. We fully agree with this statement. In a good sex session there is fluid, there is moisture, there are things that you cannot stop to control the risk that you will not enjoy everything that you can enjoy.

    Therefore, anything that allows us to forget a little more about our surroundings and focus on pleasure is very welcome. Among all the things that will help us do this, one that is not particularly known in our country is sex blankets.

    What is a sex blanket?

    A sex blanket is still a blanket, usually very soft and waterproof, that you can use to put on the bed while you have sex. In this way, you prevent your sheets from being stained with sexual fluids, lubricants, sweat and anything else, and when your sex session is over, you can remove it and sleep in a clean bed, dry

    More and more, sex blankets are making their way into more people’s sex kits as they greatly alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with bed soiling. It is possible that you have never thought about it and that you do not care if the sheets are stained, but there are people for whom the fear of this happening can be uncomfortable and even make it impossible to have a relationship.

    Either way, no one likes to sleep on dirty or wet sheets, so if you get one, you’ll soon love your sex plant.

    When is a sex blanket used?

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    These blankets can be used when you have sex on the bed or, for example, on the sofa. Also when you go to masturbate, since it prevents something from being thrown out in too much position and gives you a little upset.

    Sex blankets are especially recommended if you plan to use lubricants, oils, candles, etc. to use. Elements that can leave permanent stains on your bedding, mattress, sofa, chairs, etc.

    You will get a ritualistic aura over time when the sexual veil is provided, like a foreplay that can be very exciting.

    Where can you find a sex blanket?

    In the market you will find many sexual blanket options, they are different materials, sizes and qualities. We recommend that you get a large blanket that covers the entire surface where you intend to use it to avoid concerns about being too close to the edge.

    Sex blankets are still news in our country. So blankets sold for pets are a good (and much cheaper) option. They are usually very soft, waterproof and in neutral colors that match any decor.

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