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What did Argentina need to qualify for the 2023 Basketball World Cup?

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Argentina’s basketball team It is going through a period of transition, perhaps the most significant in its recent history. Now he does not have the main producers of his Golden Generation after saying goodbye to Luis Scola, the last person to retire from that trident he founded with Manu Ginóbili and Andrés Nocioni; although it also counts back Olympic champion Carlos Delfino and there is an Olympic bronze like Pablo Prigioni on the bench. Even after the cut of Leandro Bolmaro from Utah Jazz is received There are no substitutes in the NBA.

For this reason, it is not surprising to those who follow the daily activities of Argentina’s basketball that the path to qualify for the 2023 World Cup in the discipline was not easy. There was even a coaching change in the works (Néstor García left and the aforementioned Prigioni came) and a few days after what also ended with a very celebrated inauguration in AmeriCup 2022.

That dispute eventually came to such a head Argentina could not enter among the seven classifications to the World Cup and was left without a maximum appointment for the first time since then 1982.

How were the positions of the 2023 Basketball World Cup Qualifiers?

pos Equipment PJ PG PP +/- Points
1 Canada* 12 eleven 1 +351 23
2 Dominican representative* 12 9 3 +123 twenty one
3 Venezuela* 12 8 4 +121 twenty
4 Argentina 12 8 4 +79 twenty
5 Bahamas 12 3 9 -122 fifteen
6 Panama 12 3 9 -172 fifteen

* Classified

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