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Viva In Vitro, Estrella de Levante and AED Vantage, recognized by the II Mare Nostrum Awards

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The Community, the University of Murcia (UMU) and the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) recognized the work of the companies Viva In Vitro, Estrella de Levante and AED Vantage in the II The Mare Nostrum Awards were delivered this past Monday. The awards distinguish the collaboration of the private initiative with the two public universities of the Region in the field of innovation and technological development that provides international visibility to the Region of Murcia.

This recognition is part of the Mare Nostrum CEI strategic partnership initiative, the the union of universities with companies and other research centerscreated to strengthen the public university system, to promote collaborative R+D+i and the external projection, both the UMU and the UPCT.

The ‘CEI Mare Nostrum’ business prize has been awarded to Viva In Vitro Diagnostics, SL., a company based on technology (EBT) created to reduce the first cause of hospital mortality, the company produced by sepsis that causes about 11 million deaths a year. The business idea is to develop advanced and easy-to-use devices that solve the current problem of patient stratification in sepsis and other inflammatory processes, as well as to contribute to the development of new techniques.

The Minister of the Environment, Juan María Vázquez, who attended the award ceremony, indicated in this regard that “the regional government values ​​the effort it takes for researchers to be a successful company, especially within the field health, a strategic sector of the ‘CEI Mare Nostrum’”. And he emphasized that “a biotechnology not only save livesbut instead it will contribute to the excellence of the regional innovation ecosystem, create qualified employment and provide an opportunity for nearby investors, as well as contribute to the Region of Murcia being a hub for the development of biosanitary innovation projects in recent years down . years”.

The CEI Mare Nostrum Promotion Award, proposed by the University of Murcia, went to Levante Star Beer Factory SAUconsidering that it is a company that participates in numerous university activities and in various fields, actively contributing to the training of university students, collaborating in the research, transfer and dissemination activities of university professors and participating in the development of university life in the Region of Murcia.

Estrella de Levante has been developing a specific and global strategy in the Circular Economy for over ten years, under the direction of the Department of the Environment, with the main objective of reducing its impact on the environment through various initiatives. The IS concern for innovation It led to collaboration in various contracts and projects with researchers from the University of Murcia in various fields and scientific fields.

On a proposal from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the company was awarded the Nostrum CEI Mare Promotion Award AED Vantage, SLwho have promoted the professional development of engineers since its inception by challenging their own creativity, and thanks to whom it has succeeded in achieving technological progress and economic success.

AED Vantage is one of the first international companies to sign an agreement with the EUt+ alliance (European University of Technology), of which the UPCT is the Spanish member, to offer internships to students of the consortium.

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