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Victor and India are the champions

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In the world final, 11 b girls and 10 b boys were invited to compete, and five other b-girls and six b-boys got their place through the Last Chance Wednesday Cypher. The Last Chance Cypher is the battle of the Red Bull BC One National Champions, who have qualified from more than 60 Red Bull BC One Cyphers held in 30 countries around the world.
The judges -Kid Glyde, Ayumi, Jey, FaBGirl and Sick chose the winners from a program full of youth, wit and energy. Emcees MyVerse and Wicket led the crowd through the evening, while DJ Skeme Richards handled the tracks that got breakers jumping.

After four hours and 30 intense battles, India of the Netherlands and Victor of the United States were crowned as the 2022 Red Bull BC One champions.

India is now the youngest Red Bull BC One World Champion

© Dean Treml

He won his first title at the age of 16, India she is the youngest Red Bull BC One champion in history. He took this crown from him Logistxwho won the competition last year when he was 18 years old.

From the start, India – representing the Heavyhitters and Hustle Kidz crews – won over the audience and the judges with boundless energy, amazing moves and precise musicianship. She defeated Colombia’s Luma, Mexico’s Swami and China’s 671 before defeating defending champion Logistx of the United States.

After becoming champion, she said: “I had to fight the defending champion and that was nothing. It was great, I had to do my best and I was very happy to fight her.”

Victor won his second Red Bull BC One title

© Shao Beag

Victorrepresenting Squadron, MF Kidz, Back Yard Funk and the Red Bull BC One All Stars, his second Red Bull BC One title and is now one of five champions to win the competition multiple times.

It’s great to represent America and bring home the belt.

With clean style, plenty of finesse, and relentless stamina, he dominated the stage with his balanced b-boy style. In battles, he outperformed the French Marlone, the Canadian Phil Wizard, the Japanese Yu-Ki and the Dutch Lee.

After the fights, Victor said: “It’s great to represent the United States and bring the belt home to New York, where it all started. I’m happy to be the one to do it.”


Seven facts about the 2022 Red Bull BC One World Final

Lee goes flying in the final battle against Victor

© Dean Treml/Linn Content Red Bull

  • The two finals this year were between dancers from the United States and the Netherlands. India and Logistx for the girls, Lee and Víctor for the boys.

  • In total there were six Red Bull BC One World Champions from the United States (Omar, Ronnie, RoxRite, Logistx and Víctor twice). The Netherlands are next with four titles (Menno three times and India).

  • 2022 was the year of the rookies, as 22 of the qualifiers had never set foot on the Red Bull BC One World Finals stage.

  • The United States, France, Japan, the Netherlands, and Canada each had three dancers in the competition, while Italy and Poland each had two. The other dancers represented their countries only.

  • The Red Bull RC One World Final was held in New York City in 2009. This makes it the second city to host the Red Bull RC One World Final twice. The other was in Paris, in 2008 and 2014.

  • This edition of Red Bull BC One had one of the youngest programs ever: two b-girls (Kimie and India) were just 16 years old and four breakers (671, Swami, Lorenzo and Issin) were 17 years old. age.

  • Victor and Logistx were first in every battle.


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Red Bull BC One

Red Bull BC One is the world’s largest competition for B-Boys and B-Girls. Every year thousands of dancers from all over the world fight for the chance to participate in the world final.

World Final One Red Bull BC

In its 19th edition, the Red Bull BC One World Final returns to New York, the birthplace of hip-hop, to honor its impact on the break and crown of this year’s world champions.

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