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Venezuela takes a leading position in the fight against corruption

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Nicolás Maduro asked the people of Venezuela for their support in the battle against corruption.

  • Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela.

Venezuela takes a leading position in the fight against corruption and corruption, asked President Nicolás Maduro.

During his speech on Monday night, the president specified the investigation of various cases for weeks and his personal participation in the investigations in active cooperation with the Attorney General of the Republic and all his bodies.

Maduro said the complete will and decision to go to the very roots to break all the mafias, and he also advocated a professional, scientific, fair method of inquiry.

The Head of State reported on the to arrest businessmen, managers, senior officials of State institutions and representatives. The punishment will be exemplary for all the corrupt, he said.

He also called the people to protect the rule of law and justice, to fight corruptionand he criticized the participation of right-wing elements in the theft of billions of dollars delivered by the United States government from Venezuelan accounts abroad.

In this sense, he gave the thief Juan Guaidó as an example, and He asked for justice for the resources hidden by the extreme right, which is responsible for asking for sanctions against the Venezuelan economy and people.

Vice president of the Economy sector and Minister of Petroleum, Tareck ElAissami, he resigned and expressed his willingness to support all investigations against gangster groups.

In this regard, Maduro decided to accept the resignation to facilitate the investigations, which it will result in the establishment of truth, the punishment of the guilty and justice, the executive specified.

Afterwards, the first vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, confirmed the commitment to be at the forefront, together with the ruler, in the fight against corruption.

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