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They are the foods that swell your gut the most and produce gas

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    The gases are terrible and the abdominal pain is unbearable. And the usual thing is that it is due to the fact that there are foods that make us feel bad or that we abuse their consumption. Our digestive system is not prepared to digest all foods equally, since their composition and characteristics make them digest more or less. The result is that we can suffer stomach discomfort in the form of gas, pain, punctures or heaviness…

    So today we review those foods that upset our intestines and cause us poor digestion, with personal trainer Adrián Muria. (20 foods that cause gas and bloating to avoid).

    1- THE OATS

    Oatmeal, which was so fashionable years ago for breakfast, is a health staple because it is a high-quality carbohydrate and contains fiber. But it can be digested. It ferments in your stomach and can give you a lot of gas. The best part, put it boiled.

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    More vegetables are indigestible than others. Most of them stand out for their high fiber content, and they are assimilated thanks to the bacteria of the intestinal flora. And this is produced by fermentation, which causes gas in the intestine.


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    3- LEGUMES

    Chickpeas, lentils, beans … legumes have a type of starch, oligosaccharides, which our intestines have a hard time breaking down and staying in the colon. The result? More gas.


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    They cause flatulence and bloating due to their high fiber content. So now that you know, the best bread is the one you don’t eat…

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    5- THE PASTA

    The gluten present in wheat protein can be indigestible, especially if you are gluten intolerant.


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    They usually contain aspartame, a sweetener that causes high sugar spikes and more thirst.

    soft drinks calories from more to less by product

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    More recommended than normal cereals, but since they are a powerful source of carbohydrates they are also very rich in fiber. This usually makes digestion difficult and generates gas.

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