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The story of Austin Reaves, the X factor that gives meaning to the Lakers: his origin, rise and growth

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There are inexplicable things in this sport. In the age of advanced statistics, where everything is measured and named, there are still players whose presence only changes the course of the game. These leaders don’t have to be stars, or even defensive specialists or vocal leaders. It is, rather, those carriers of the adjective of x Factor. Players who provide that plug that is born and cannot be learned. About giving intensity, effort, commitment, sense and balance to almost any line and nullifying its factor inconsistency for everything that contributes to the group. Any self-respecting team in this current NBA should have one and only one los angeles defectors called austin arrives someone with a very specific story and an atypical path to becoming a Los Angeles fan favorite.

Born in the middle of nowhere Arrives grew up under the baseball, a sport he practiced tirelessly, so much so that he came to hate it around the age of 13. Austin never missed an opportunity to play. Leisure? He was holding the bat and the glove. Summer? To run from base to base. There came a point that was too much for that teenager. His friends switched to basketball, a practice he was familiar with, but because of his small stature it was, to some extent, forbidden to him. The IS fortune That was wanted, in the middle of that rural area arkansas, Reaves found a place to grow as a player. His physical conditions for this sport were far from optimal for this game. Thin, short and not muscular at allsomewhat different from that of his brother Spencer, who went through Burgos in 2021, Austin made up for that physical deficiency with delivery and work

Throughout his career at his institution, the Cedar RidgeAustin Reaves led the timber wolf to two sectional 3A state titles. It was there that the figure of Reaves was born, turned into a kind of local myth, as a result of memorable performances, such as 73 points in triple overtime in 2015. It was his last brilliant year, reaching the Averaged 32.5 points, 8.8 rebounds and 5.1 assists, enough to earn a full scholarship to Wichita State, which unfortunately leaves Arkansas universities.

The young man believed in his future and potential. His sights were set on professional life, but unlike his brother, Austin watched the NBA with interest.

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I Wichita State he thought he had the right Coach with experience, minutes as a freshman, a bigger role in the second year… But no, the situation was not suitable for the player. Forced to play without the ball, Reaves had to take on a completely opposite role from what he previously inhabited in Arkansas. In addition, the university newspaper, Sunflower, he put too much pressure on the young man based on criticism. Although Reaves wanted to play that down, there’s no denying that he played an important role in the decision to leave. Austin wanted out, he needed a change, something that would help him get closer to fulfilling his dreams. Then the University of Oklahoma came along.

Almost 6 hours away from his hometown of Newark, Austin Reaves was reunited with the love of his life: basketball. The teenager, due to NCAA rules, he had to spend an entire season in whitea pivotal moment in his life, which allowed him to polish his game until he practically lived in the school gym.

A year later, Reaves exploded.

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In this bay of university life, from which stars such as Trae Young or Blake Griffin emerged, the escort informed the rest of the world that what he saw at school was not in certain circumstances; He had talent, attitude and skills for the highest level.

“My attitude has always been: shut up all those who doubt me” he said into 2021 at The Ringers.

After completing his university cycle, it was clear to him that his future was crossing the pond and playing there Europe. Austin wasn’t so sure. Several teams in the NBA were interested in selecting him at some point in the second round of the 2021 Draft. Which meant a partially guaranteed contract and the safety not being able to play or even make it to the start of the game . the course in October.

“I looked my agent in the eye and said to tell everyone to f*** off. All my life I have been the skinniest, not athletic enough and not even very trained. Everyone got an apology (not to mention me). It was always kind of like finding something I can’t do so I don’t get it.”recognized last year the LA Times.

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The plan was to throw away any draft picks to sign a dual contract with the Lakers, a very common practice in recent years. The Los Angeles team was not pick he got to that point, but his negotiating strength and the allure of a franchise of that caliber was enough to take on a rookie with a lot of experience behind him.

The group of scouting of the Lakers Reaves was among their top targets. Compliant in defense, with the ability to play a microwave role and a great shot after the dribble were the reasons behind a surprising decision. More when between undrafted there were shooters like Sam Hauser or Joel Ayayi or great physicists like Yves Pons or Aaron Henry.

“You could tell this is a guy who knows how to play this.” Recently recognized Pelinka. “And that’s the kind of player you want to bet on. When you get the chance to see a player’s arc, to find out in the scouting process, it’s very satisfying.”

Given the Lakers’ needs in that 2020-2021 course, Reaves didn’t take much time to convert that contract. two ways in any NBA guaranteed and correct. Specifically, 5 meetings of it The Summer Seriesincluding a shot to win, to convince the Los Angeles leadership.

“Austin is really smart. Very cerebral”, said Phil handyLakers assistant, in 2021. “He recognizes things even before I point them out sometimes. To me, that equates to a guy who’s going to have a long career in this league.”

To succeed in the NBA without achieving it with a star poster, you have to take advantage of the a chance. This phrase has become an axiom within the league. The event can be seen coming from afar or happening overnight. This can be a starting game, a longer rotation than usual or having a shot at a particular time. All these questions came together in the case of the austin arrives and with a throw won the December 15, 2021 Against the Mavs, the escort definitely earned a job in the Lakers:

austin arrives

Since then its rise has been continuous and without false steps. He contributes to the defense thanks to great lateral movement, he is quick and intuitive, and, in attack, he squeezes every ball. Not being an outside specialist, Reaves is the player with the best success rate in the whole team (38%), second only to D’Angelo Russell who had 10 gold and purple games. All this while being average 41% from far, its fetish area, and An excellent 74.5% between the hoop and the paintthe best data for the Lakers ahead of LeBron and Davis, both with 71%.

In a way, Austin Reaves is reminiscent of a player from another era. almost like a Danny Ainge updated for the modern context.

The integration of will, need and resistance to what the rest think about their appearance at the same time in one of the emotions of this season for the Lakers. Far from being the news of a disastrous campaign like the previous one, Reaves has confirmed his promotion and consolidation in the group. Full holder with 1Averaged 2.0 points and authored the winning plays on both sides of the field.

Nearing the end of his final contract year, the Arkansas native looks to the future with optimism, knowing that The best is yet to come.

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