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The millionaire screams, party with Prince Harry and say goodbye to touch

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“Being friends with Courteney is like being a family to Courteney. She was responsible for everything from the beginning. From the moment we met her, she was immediately inclusive, warm, caring, and interested in knowing everything about you. Here we speak not just as your colleagues or friends, but as your sisters.” Jennifer Aniston verbal the example of how a sorority can succeed in Hollywood through the years, Fame, fortune or more or less artificial competition, contradicting the fatal cliché about the mecca of the cinema, which, in the words of Marlon Brando, consists except by “successful people who are human failures.” It was just her. Other women, such as Lisa Kudrow or Laura Dern, also took the floor on February 27 to celebrate their partner Courteney Cox, 58, when his star was found on the Walk of Fame. A ceremony that coincides with an unexpected resurgence in her career as an actress, achieving the greatest cinematic success in a career full of holes and interruptions but which has just reached extraordinary cruising speed.

Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow wanted to accompany their partner in ‘Friends’ Courteney Cox during their search for the star. Photo: Getty

With more than one hundred million dollars raised (almost 93 million euros) in just 10 days on the billboard, the sixth installment of the veteran franchise scream has become the highest gross increase since it started back in 1996. At that time, Courteney Cox was one of the most popular actresses in the United States thanks to her role as Monica Geller in friends, the role that marked and will mark his memory in the collective memory despite his long presence in this horror saga that only sees improvement with time. Previously, in the eighties, Cox worked as a model and advertising actress before landing a recurring role on the series family ties -together with Michael J. Fox- which would guarantee that he would be permanent in Hollywood. Her start was so difficult that she was about to return to her hometown of Birmingham, working with her father as a pool salesman a few days before she got that job. “I didn’t have money to be able to eat for more than a week,” he explains. Today he collected a fortune estimated at 150 million dollars not only thanks to his work i friends, but also on his renowned ability to acquire real estate, renovate it and put it back on the market. “When I was born in Alabama, I never thought in a million years that I would have a star on the Walk of Fame.” count the interpreter, who again puts herself in the shoes of journalist Gale Weathers to act as a link between the original criminals scream and a new generation led by young people like Jenna Ortega (Wednesday).

‘Scream VI’ is one of the biggest box office surprises of 2023. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Just a few years ago, before the recent impact on the horror film and the gathering of friends renewed interest in Cox, the appearance of the newly inaugurated star much more remote. His career seemed amortized after the end of the Cougar home. friends Almost 10 years of professional career in which she focused on her aspect as a businesswoman town court, a brand of home care products with different lines of soaps, cleaning sprays or air fresheners. She herself admitted that she changed the focus of her acting career towards business and her intimate life in recent years: “After the end of the year Cougar Town I didn’t feel very relevant. I think everyone forgot about me for a while.” think In an interview broadcast on Wednesday in Just for Variety podcast. “I wonder when I became popular again?” admits the actress, who thought when she found the paparazzi again at the door of her hotel during a trip.

During that time, and at the same time as the years of tabloid and misogynistic ecstasy in the press, Courteney Cox only made headlines in the newspapers regarding the cosmetic touch-ups she did to her face. The pressure to look younger and fight against the chronic ageism that plagues the industry took its toll on her, as she herself acknowledged. “There was a moment when I said to myself, ‘I’m changing, I’m getting older.’ And I tried to chase that youth for years. I didn’t realize that I looked so weird with those injections and that I was doing things in front of me that I wouldn’t be doing right now. And there was a moment when I said to myself, ‘I have to stop. This is crazy,” she said regretfully The Rising. Cox gradually removed the facial fillers and says she feels “more natural” than ever today, using her Instagram account — with more than 12 million followers — to poke fun at different people. sketches the pressure to stay young. “I’ve never been happier than now”, confirms.

Courteney Cox will meet her daughter Coco at the ‘Scream VI’ premiere. Photo: Getty

The interpreter has also been in the news in recent weeks with the public presentation of her only daughter, Coco, who was born in June 2004 as a result of her relationship with fellow actor David Arquette, whom she met on the set of first installment of scream. After her divorce in 2009, the actress rebuilt her life with her partner of the last ten years, the musician and member of the famous band Snow Patrol John McDaid. At the age of 18, Coco, who is still focused on her studies and whose godmother is Jennifer Aniston, is taking her first steps in the world of acting and it seems that she is destined to become a wife. baby nepo Hollywood again.

We have seen the first evidence of Coco’s talent in some of the videos recorded during the famous parties organized by Cox, which he shares with his alter ego in friends the talent to be the best possible hostess. World stars such as Elton John, Ellen DeGeneres or Ed Sheeran, who gives her a sexual mask every time the actress lets him settle in her house when she travels to the United States. But public interest and attention regarding their parties has hypertrophied this year, after Prince Enrique revealed in his memoirs. In the shadow that he ate hallucinogenic mushrooms at home. British Platonic love during his adolescence, the interpreter I have given an answer with his trademark sense of humor: “I certainly wasn’t distributing it to them.”

Courteney Cox became the connecting link, on set and off, of the sextet of friends who starred in ‘Friends’. Photo: Getty Images

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