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The fashion trend we will see in ‘celebrity’ looks

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    When Rosalía was seen on the streets of New York in September 2022 wearing the same blue satin mini dress Y/Project mega high hip boots slouchy style and denim fabric We could already predict what would happen months later: that this shoe would become a trend. It was the announcement with which Glenn Martens, as creative director of the French firm, confirmed that they would become the object of desire fashionistas and in allies of the closet of famous people.

    We saw the declaration of the designer’s intentions, first, in his spring/summer 2023 show; but it is now during the latest edition of Paris Fashion Week when you have decided to go another step by presenting in your autumn/winter 23-24 a proposal collection that obsessed everyone present with a fundamental question: where do pants and boots end? The answer everyone judges.

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    On the scene in Paris we were able to see how Y/Project launched new models of super high boots, denim and wrinkles; but this time everything seems to indicate that he did it by playing guesses and accompanying (or being part of) pants of the same fabric. The purpose? That we, the audience, were in charge distinguish if it was integrated pants with boots -a trend we have already seen in proposals from firms such as Balenciaga and worn by celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian or Lady Gaga- or if, on the other hand, they are bold and original footwear designs . , able to be the main focus of any look.

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    Be that as it may, and with no trace of these designs, on their website at the moment, everything seems to indicate that although the Catalan artist was in charge of attracting attention with this type of boots this fall spent, many more now. famous people Will participate in the trend. Brand new bet, see him more often on the asphalt, We may know the answer and know if we are faced the new boots ‘item’ the moment Or, if we can talk about one of the most original pants in fashion.

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