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“So they don’t say rich women don’t work”

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with youEverything Georgina Rodríguez does is commented on, for better or for worse. Twins of Cristiano Ronaldo He is always in the media spotlight.

This has not changed despite the fact that he has gone to live in Saudi Arabia, where the Portuguese play.

It was a radical change for her and her family, but it seems so it changes little by little as evidenced by his social media accounts.

On Instagram, the influence is the more than 47 million followers and his publications are widely commented.

And in one of his latest posts like sending a message to everyone who criticized her.

It shows all the projects you are committed to, for example ambassador of various brands of clothing and jewelry. also works as Miniature.

Georgina Rodríguez’s message on Instagram: This is how they say the rich don’t work

Many users claim that he owes everything he has to Cristiano. These comments don’t sit well with Georgina and that’s why she wanted to send a message to everyone who thinks that about her.

And in her last story, she has uploaded a photo of herself walking with a bag and a coffee in her hand, apparently during a working day. He accompanied this image with the text: “Another great day at work, so they won’t be saying later that rich women don’t work.”

Of course, This message created a lot of controversy on Instagramwhere some of them supported Argentina and others returned to their own position against it.

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