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Snom Technology keeps its prices and partner program intact Up to date

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Despite inflation and the increase in living costs and business costs in all European countries, Snom Technology maintains a variable pricing policy, with a permanent commitment to innovation and support for its business partners.

The manufacturer has barely increased its prices in recent years. The last increase was in November 2021, and was small compared to the competition. In addition, Snom continues to keep its partner program intact. Therefore, silver or gold registered partners can count on bonus payments for their sold Snom devices and get direct assistance from local Snom managers for technical or sales issues.

Improve the products

Snom also continues to invest time and money in product optimization. Therefore, in the last 14 months, numerous improvements have been introduced, including the expansion of the Unified Communications (UC) solution functions of Snom’s technology partners, as part of its interoperability program.

Likewise, improvements have been added in terms of sound quality and noise cancellation, a more user-friendly user interface has been included, more comfortable management, greater speed in consulting LDAP services and an increase in local address books from 1,000 to 5,000 entries. . for the Snom D3xx and D7xx series. The latter is a very relevant feature for organizations such as banks and insurance companies when they use telephone exchanges that store company-wide address books locally on individual devices.

In addition, failover has been improved and Snom’s Secure Redirection and Provisioning Service (SRAPS) has been improved to provide remote configuration and provisioning of all the brand’s phones. Customers benefit from these improvements for years, without additional costs and without purchasing new hardware.

“In fact, the specialist trade recognizes Snom as a reliable partner that offers better value for money than the competition; this has also been proven time and time again in our regular customer satisfaction surveys”, says Mark Wiegleb, Head of Customer Success at Snom .

The manufacturer also has this reputation thanks to the stability and quality of its products developed in Germany. In fact, many first generation Snom phones are still in successful use around the world. In addition, the company offers a three-year warranty and free updates throughout the life of its products, increasing the range of functions of the end devices over the years.

“As a manufacturer, it might not be as appropriate to still use phones from 20 years ago, even with the latest security advances, but our hardware is pretty much indestructible, and we’re proud of it,” a concludes Mark Wiegleb.

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