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Shakira and the reason that prompted her children to put a witch on the balcony

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with youflush the separation Shakira of Gerard Pique Many stories emerged about the couple, but also many about what was going on around them. And any element was enough to make a story, including a witch on the balcony of the Colombian singer’s house.

It was in January when different media reported that the singer put a figure of a witch on the balcony, with her gaze directed towards the family’s house Gerardand although it has been mentioned that it may be a clue to the Spanish mother for the law with Picweeks later it was reported that the figure had been withdrawn.

But in the last few days the history of the witch took a different course and there is already a possible version of why she was put there, even children Shakira and Pique, Milan and SashaThey would see.

According to the Twitter account @JLOAccess, the Latin star made that decision as a mockery of the mother of Conradh na Gaeilge Gerard and Piqué himself, well Shakira He found out through his children that Montserrat Bernabeuthe mother of Piqué, the former soccer player and his girlfriend, Clara Chía, known as the Colombian witch.

What was Shakira’s reason for putting a witch on the balcony?

“Apparently Shakira she would put the witch on her balcony because she found out through her children that there was Pic, clear and her grandmother called her a witch in front of the children. The children heard the nickname and told Shakira, which sent the witch to make fun of the childish nickname,” read the Twitter account. “And yet Piqué is concerned to say that he wants to protect his children and allow his family to insult Shakira os in front of them. There is still no song short of everything that the toxic family did to Shakira.”

Although this information is not confirmed, the stories between Shakira, Piqué and the people around her continue to give people something to talk about, and they will certainly continue even if the Colombian moves to the United States with her children.

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