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Rosalía, wearing the Barça shirt, shows a lack of fire

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    rhododendron He already has the Barça shirt with the brand of his album ‘Motomami’ which the Catalan team has confirmed he will be wearing during the clásico against Real Madrid which will be played next Sunday. Taking advantage of the streets of Barcelona as a stage, the artist shows off those abs that are really hot and inspire us so much to keep giving us a hard time in the gym.

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    FC Barcelona have replaced the usual Spotify logo for their kit with our favorite motommami right on the Album release anniversary and will provide fans with a limited edition of 1899 units – as the club’s founding date – the shirts that will be issued on sale on their website for €399.99.

    And regarding the Abs Rosalia –in which we always put the focus-, we can only say that the recipe to achieve them is built on the basis of patience, perseverance and discipline with training. If you need some inspiration to set up a specific routine to work on between now and the summer (it’s important to include these exercises in your workouts to see results), here’s a full circuit of moves that focus on abdominal area work in a particular way. Remember that for this and any other gym routine, it is important to have some good slippers which guarantees us a good grip and stability. They are our choice of Women’s Health, which is good value for money these Nikes which also now you can get on discount on amazon.


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    Then there is the abdominal routine to operate them like Rosalia:

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