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Red Bull BC One World Final 2023 returns to Paris

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The location will be the flagship Stade Roland-Garros. The Paris tennis complex will be transformed into the biggest international breakout arena, where the best boys and girls from around the world will be able to battle it out for the Red Bull BC One World Championship title .

This will be the third time that Paris will host the Red Bull BC BC World One Final. The first time was in 2008, when South Korea’s B-Boy Wing won the championship after an epic final against Taisuke of Japan. The second time was in 2014, when Taisuke reached the final battle again, but this time he lost to Menno (Netherlands), who won the first of his three Red Bull BC One titles.

Tickets will be on sale from February 9. Buy your tickets at www.redbullbcone.com

Paris will host the 2023 Red Bull BC One World Final

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More information about the Red Bull BC One World Championship

The Red Bull BC One World Final is an unforgettable head-to-head tournament that began in 2004. Since then, the event has been held 19 times, each year in a different city.

Through wild card selection and other qualifying tournaments, the World Finals brings together the top 16 boys and girls in the world to compete for the prestigious Red Bull BC One belt. the highest level of power moves, rock steps, footwork, freezes, stunts and more. In addition, the competition is hosted by famous names from the hip-hop and break scene, and the event is broadcast live to a global audience of fans.

The IS Red Bull BC 2022 World One Final There was an epic return to the cradle of hip-hop culture, New York City, in the United States. B-Girl India, from the Netherlands, won her first title and became the youngest girl to win the belt. B-Boy Victor (USA) won his second World Final in front of his home crowd.

With the 2023 World Finals in Paris being hip-hop’s 50th anniversary year, the stage is certainly set for another historic event.

Roland-Garros will be a stage for the elite

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How to qualify for the World Finals?

Every year, different countries organize qualifying competitions called Red Bull BC One Cyphers. Thousands of breakers compete to become their country’s champion and earn a place in the Last Chance Cypher. In the Last Chance Cypher, champions from around the world will battle it out for one of the 16 spots available in the b-boy and b-girl world finals.

With more than 90 events around the world, the Red Bull BC One Cypher season is an exciting part of the road to the Red Bull BC One World Final.

The long-awaited Red Bull BC One Camp will take place in Paris in the days leading up to the world championships. Broken legends and rising stars will come together in workshops, debates and open battles.

Breakers from around the world will bring their exceptional skills to Paris

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Portions of the show will air on Red Bull TV and Red Bull BC One social media.

For those wishing to attend the 2023 Red Bull BC One World Final in Paris, tickets will go on sale from February 9, 2023. Fans can also stay up to date with the winners of the Cypriot country, and those who selected as artificial cards for the World Final, following the Red Bull BC One 2023 season in www.redbullbcone.com.
Download the free Red Bull TV app and watch the Red Bull BC One action on all your devices. Get the app here.

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