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Pamplona will give up municipal properties in Milagrosa to develop an engineering and technology hub

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Pamplona will give up municipal properties in Milagrosa to develop an engineering and technology hubNAMES

he Pamplona City Council and the College of Graduates and Industrial Technical Engineers of Navarra (CITI) are teaming up to start an engineering and technology hub, which will be housed in a municipal building in Zolina Street in the Milagrosa neighborhood. This is a direct public domain concession for 35 years to promote an innovation center and the development of new initiatives in the field of engineering and technology. The specifications for this future concession have already been approved by the Local Government Board.

The mayor of Pamplona, ​​​​Enrique Maya, the dean of the Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers, Luis Maestu, and the manager of CITI and the author of the project, Antonio Rodríguez, offered the details of this Pamplona Hub Technology initiative at their press conference. It is planned to carry out a series of activities such as attracting innovative companies based on technology; developing and implementing a collaborative workspace; search, coordination and revitalization of public-private projects; or the generation, specifically, of a project related to urban management.

Therefore, it is planned to launch a support center for start-ups and recently created technology companies to increase collaboration between micro SMEs in the productive and technological field, attract local technological talent, retain this talent and position Pamplona as an innovative city.

Two-story premises

The ‘V’ shaped property has an area of ​​1,447 square metres, spread over the ground floor plus the first floor, with internal access from one end to the other. The adequacy of all the spaces will respond to a design raised under the criteria of constructive sustainability, environmental, socio-economic and universal accessibility, with a budget of approximately 1.3 million, which will be accepted by the CITI.

On the ground floor, a nurturing and accommodation space for entrepreneurs and companies will be established as a support, collaboration and development center for an innovative economic fabric linked to engineering and technological activities. A number of specific spaces are also planned for the design and development of other activities related to the design and development of itineraries supporting the creation and promotion of business, as well as the conception, design and implementation of projects related to the Pamplona 2030 Urban Agenda to revive. The spaces on the first floor will enhance the activity on the ground floor in terms of hosting business projects and companies and will contain various infrastructures and technological, communication, electrical and air conditioning systems.

Last December, the city plenary session approved the inclusion of 57 strategic projects in the Pamplona Urban Agenda 2030. Among these projects is PE503 ‘Pamplona Hub Technology’, which arose from the the need felt by the CITI create a new space for innovation, entrepreneurship and business activity in the field of engineering and technology within the framework of the Pamplona 2030 Urban Agenda.

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