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Paco León shows defined abs at age 48

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    Paco León is very serious about 2023 when it comes to fitness. At least that’s what it looks like at first glance after seeing the last photo he shared on his Instagram profile where he’s posing in a shirtless turbo swimsuit showing off some incredibly defined abs.

    If we look back barely two months ago, we come across another image of the actor posing in the same way next to his sister but with the details that, with a very good body, his abs were not as marked as they are now. This can only mean one thing… Paco León has pushed hard in the gym and in training and has started doing exercises to strengthen the abdomen like crazy.

    The difference in this time is quite noticeable, not only in six packs, but also in the rest of the muscles that Andalusia allows us to see an improvement. Oh spectrometer the director of ‘Raibow’ or ‘Carmina y Amen’ spends rounds.

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    “Although there is no proposal that mitigates the crisis of the 50s… but they are respected 🤓”, writes León next to the photos (and that he still has two years left to reach 50). And if you wanted a compliment, here they are: “I hope we reach 50 just like you 😍😍😍”, “To dip Pan 🥖 ❤️😍” or “Handsome ❤️🔥😍” just three of the hundreds that have already been collected by the publication. .

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