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Octavio Ocaña was hidden and executed: an independent expert

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ANDThe independent expert opinion on the death of the actor, Octavio Ocañait was determined that he did not commit suicide or manipulate a firearm, and contrary to the version circulated by the State Attorney of Mexicowould be shot by a better weapon than .380 caliber when he was lying on the asphalt carpet.

According to the conclusions of the criminal Mauricio Reséndizat the request of family, found contradictions with the version known so far. The expert report sets out: “There are no signs of fingerprints on the .380 caliber weapon without an identification number, which determines use, possession and manipulation by the deceased.”

Also, there is no “production and exchange of evidence of a chemical nature”, as lead, barium, or antimony which establishes that Ocana fired weapon on the day of events. Therefore, in the study, prepared with medical records, expert opinions, inspections, interviews and evidence collected in the investigation folder, it is concluded: “He did not commit any act that would lead to suicide.”

Regarding the markings on the driver’s side of the pickup truck Ocanathe conclusion is: “don’t react to a shot from a firearm .380 caliberand according to the characteristics of the lesion, “It can be concluded that the lot is of a higher quality”.

What is the final decision regarding the expert opinion of the actor Octavio Ocaña?

Finally, he questions the mechanism of the facts provided by the expert Juan Carlos Pinawhich would not “concurrent with the indications produced within the vehicle in which he was travelling”and it is certain that the actor would be in practice “completed”.

Octavio Ocana“He was injured by a missile fired outside the vehicle when he was in a ventral decubitus position with his head lateral to the right and to one side of the asphalt carpet.”

According to this report, after the impact of the van, Ocana He had to go down, putting his face down with his head on the right side on the asphalt carpet during an insurance maneuver by the police, at which time someone shot a distance of more than one meter towards the deceased’s head . (Information from the Millennium Group)

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