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Morocco and Spain, facing a new phase marked by political and economic rapprochement | Be careful

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Rabat and Madrid have a new scene that is expected to be very fruitful for both countries. The High Level Meeting (HLM) held in the Moroccan capital earlier this month was the first step in a trend that is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The historical relationship between Morocco and Spain They have taken a step forward and, as analyzed in various forums held in Alawi territory, it is expected that the political and economic rapprochement between the two countries will increase.

Laayoune and Tetouan saw two forums where experts from different fields discussed the Spanish-Moroccan relationship and its future projection. Laayoune hosted the “Media and Society Forum”, organized by the Federation of Moroccan Newspaper Publishers (FMEJ). The presentation held under the theme of “The natural neighborhood and the prospects for Moroccan-Spanish relations”. The president of the FMEJ, Noureddine Miftah, expressed his hope for the positive evolution of relations between the two countries and expressed his desire to hold the next edition on Spanish territory, as reported by MAP.

In addition, the “unprecedented momentum” going through ties should facilitate dialogue to achieve common goals, according to Miftah. Another of the speakers, the journalist and writer Mohamed Seddik Maâninou, criticized the distortion of reality that affects the Kingdom, some of whom, for example Ignacio Ortiz, vice president of the Forum of the Canary Islands-Saharan Africa , fighting to act against it. “put an end to reports that don’t reflect reality”. For that reason, says Ortiz, “through the Canary-Saharan Forum we contribute to press articles (…) to transmit it faithfully”.

The President of the Canary-Moroccan Cooperation Association, Rafael Esparza Machín, the Consul General of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Canary Islands, Fatiha El Kamouri, the Spanish journalist, Manuel Fernando Vidal, and the regional director of the symposium also attended the symposium. communication in Laayoune-Sakia Al Hamra, Fatima El amine. The latter emphasized the consensus of both countries to achieve it “a higher level of commitment and sustainable bilateral cooperation”.


The signing of the cooperation agreement between the FMEJ section in Laayoune-Sakia Al Hamra and the Cooperation Association of the Canary Islands-Morocco-was the highlight of a meeting marked by the presence of the governor of Laayoune, Abdeslam Bekrate. This was outlined in the areas of “cultural and social cooperation”, as well as the “exchange of knowledge”. This idea is consistent with the forum held in the city of Tetouan under the title “The media take on the new phase in the relationship between Morocco and Spain”.

The former Minister of Justice of Morocco, Mohamed Benabdelkader, attended the event as well as the President of Abdelmalek Essaadi University and the Director of the High School of Teachers in Tetouan. They were joined by experts on the relationship between Morocco and Spain, such as Ana María Almantha Martini, Ibrahim Al Khatib, Mohamed Bukhzar, Javier Fernández Arribas and Abderrahman Fathi. The event, held at the Ar-Rami Pedagogical Complex of the College of Teachers, addressed the issue of communication in the relationship between Morocco and Spain

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