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Mexico out of World Baseball Classic thanks to ‘Daddy Yankee curse’

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mthe ‘Drake Curse’ is widely heralded throughout the sporting world, in which any individual or team that appears to be supporting them fails at a key point in a season.

A similar situation exists at the World Baseball Classic Gamein the case of the Puerto Rican singer yankee dad the person he went to see was not very lucky.

He watched several games during the tournament from the stands and has now been labeled a curse.

Daddy Yankee was not a good luck charm for Puerto Rico

For example, in the quarter final where his teammates faced off Mexicothe singer was seen wearing a Puerto Rican jersey, but they lost in a draft as El Tri came from behind to win 5-4, so the support from the ‘Gasolina’ creator didn’t help much.

It happened again when he appeared in the duel between the United States and Venezuelawhere yankee They wore a cap in the colors of the Vinotinto team, but lost 9-7 against the Stars and Stripes.

With Mexico, the ‘Daddy Yankee curse’ continued

As if that wasn’t enough, and to fuel the superstition of Mexican fans, the performer also attended the semi-final between El Tri and Japanwhere he could be seen with the Mexican flag.

Because of the loss of Mexico there is renewed talk about this course.

The final will be played on Tuesday between Japanese and the USERSbut it is not known if yankee dad who will be present and who will be supported.

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