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MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2023: filter potential participants

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masterchef now one of the favorite programs Mexicans and the version of Celebrity MasterChef Mexico 2023, where different celebrities compete to have the best taste after the same effect; That is why, although the edition is released in the second half of the year, it has already started to give people something to talk about, since some names of possible participants of this year have been leaked.

Who are the celebrities taking part in MasterChef Celebrity?

was the journalist alex coffee announced a few days ago, by an assumed name: the soccer player Francisco Paco Palencia, the actress Monica Dionne and the boxer Jorge the naughty Arc. So far, none of the three have confirmed or denied.

But Kaffie published five other names of other participants who would enter the most famous kitchen in Mexico, who are they? As he wrote in his last column, the celebrities added to this list are the actors Gabriela Goldsmith, Fabiola Campomanes, Lis Vega and Ivonne Montero, as well as Poncho de Nigris.

As with the first batch of names that came to light, the main characters of this new leak neither confirmed nor denied their participation, but there are still several weeks left before they start recording this new season and people can attend the Completion. the MasterChef Celebrity Mexico 2023 team.

MasterChef judges change

There will be some changes in this edition, since after several seasons in which the chefs were Betty Vázquez and Jose Ramon Castillo, It has been announced that they were left out of the program, as was the chef Pablo Albuerne, so the whole team will change, it is rumored that the experts are back Adrian Herrera and Benito Molina.

There is also a lot of speculation about the name of the host of this installment, since Tatiana, who was in charge of the previous version, will not be in this new season either, since the production made some changes, according to reports, for the sake of the cooking show.

Will Anette Michel return to direct Top Chef?

Some fans hope that the actor Annette Michel return to the launch of this show, but two more names are handled, the first is the name of Cynthia Rodríguez, who, after taking a short break due to her marriage to Carlos Rivera, would be returning to work. The second name on hand is the actor’s name Claudia Lizaldi, although there is still time to learn about the full template.

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