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Mariana Ochoa defends Kalimba in the OV7 concert: “It is not worth defaming”

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Singer Mariana Ochoa defended Kalimba Marichal after the allegations of sexual abuse of the former participant of “La Voz México” Melissa Galindo that came out against him a few days ago.

At the latest OV7 concert in Las Vegas, Ochoa said the allegations against his colleague only try to defame him.

“This person we have here (Kalimba), shoulder to shoulder and who also gave us his shoulder to cry on. If anyone appreciates these co-workers, if we’ve seen it grow, it’s ours. I want to thank him for this empathy, because he has a heart of gold.”said.

The 44-year-old singer said, Although she is in favor of women’s rights, Kalimba is a victim of defamation and will know how to get out of this situation.

Kalimba burst into tears as the 44-year-old singer hugged him. At the same time, his other partner, Lidia Avila, comforted him.

“He will know how to show the lies that other people sometimes make with love and deeds. It’s difficult because I’m a woman and I’m in favor of women’s rights and I’ve fought for them, but it’s not worth going out to slander.”said.

Ochoa’s words follow Galindo denounced through a video uploaded on Instagram that he was a victim of sexual assault by the artist in 2020. She said the Mexican contacted her to offer her a job and during one of their meetings he touched her private area without her consent.

“Three years ago Kalimba Marichal called me to tell me that he was opening a record label, that he was listening to my music, that he was watching me and that he liked what I did. So I would like to sign me. At the time it seemed like a good idea, because I had known him for a long time and he always treated me very well,” he said.

Galindo said he opened one of the singer’s concerts in Monterrey after he signed with the record label. Later he invited her to dinner with some people. After refusing to go to a nightclub, the artist took her to his home, where the attack would have taken place.

“Suddenly I felt that something touched my penis, that is, his hand ran up my penis and it was like I went into shock, I closed myself, but I didn’t say anything.it was possible not to want, why do I mess up, I am with his family, his team, unprotected and not even in the case of messing up,” he said.

Kalimba responds to allegations of sexual abuse

At the same show in Las Vegas, Marichal spoke to his audience and said that there are people who seek revenge. He said that people are not the judge of the situation.

“The only thing I can tell you from the bottom of my heart is love enough, love enough, suddenly we are so full of hatred, blood and revenge that we are capable of things, that we can be very small, to destroy. lives, destroy societies and destroy people. Amen, let’s not judge anyone, we are not on one side or the other, let’s look”said

The artist also posted a statement in the previous days denying the allegations made against him. He said that he will prove these accusations false with evidence together with his legal team.

“I applaud and celebrate these movements that have given women a voice but it is unfortunate that they are being misusedfor revenge, to seek benefits, or to seek to avoid economic and legal responsibilities,” he said.

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