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“Life goes on. Nobody dies”

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Joan Sanz talked after a month about how his life was and the separation from Daniel Alves, who is still in prison in Barcelona and from whom he is already divorced. The model and impact seems to be much better now and they even left a message of encouragement.

Joana Sanz retweets Shakira’s message to forget Dani Alves

On his return to Barcelona, ​​​​the city where he lives, he admitted to questions from reporters that he is now living on a new stage. “It’s that you have to move on. Life goes on, nobody dies.”

She felt very disappointed by all the information that had been released and now it was her turn. Consolidation work in his life is one of the basic pillars, and he even had the luxury of joking. “You always have to work. Women bill”, as he said Shakira in his collaboration with strange addressed to his ex-partner, Gerard Piqué.

“This is what I was already missing! In other words, please, I have five divine, stupendous and wonderful dogs”, declared the woman who returned to Barcelona and does not want attention to give what they say in many media and now he prefers. to move on with his life and turn the page.

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