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Liam Payne is shocked by the new look on his face

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It is very common to see celebrities go through the scalpel and surprise with some aesthetic change, and more and more affected people are encouraged to undergo surgery as well. Despite the fact that this is something that has been happening for many years, trends They change over timeand this time it is Liam Payne who is supposed to have collapsed before one of the operations most popular on the spot: the bichectomy, a process in which refines the face to remove the Bichat balls, some fat accumulation to be found i cheeks.

Although this aesthetic change becoming more common and there are many famous people who have already gone through, some fans are not they are not entirely sure with the results he leaves on his favorite celebrities. In case Liam Paynethe photos show that he had pretty full cheeks and a slightly marked jaw before, but that’s what this last look was like has completely changed.

The bichectomy would be the reason for her cheeks to be visible now so drownedand although it seems to abound among celebrities and self-esteemed models traditionally attractive, able to make a big impression on those who are used to seeing a person with full cheeks. Liam Payne fans are one of those who they have not given credit with this massive change in his facial structure.

Many beauty specialists have pointed out that not every patient can get this operation and get a satisfactory result, since it depends a lot on the bone structure of each head and volume of soft tissue in the cheeks. If too much fat is removed from this area, a aging prematurely of the face Some of Liam Payne’s followers, for example, have revealed that their idol looks like much older after this tweak. Be that as it may, it is the opinion of the singer that really matters: if he is happy with this change, we must be happy with him and have hope that he has the change. minimal negative consequences longterm. Beauty is a matter of perception!

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