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Kim Basinger, unrecognizable after her final cosmetic touch-up

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The 69-year-old actress attended her daughter Ireland’s ‘baby shower’ for an unrecognizable smoothness.

The last public appearance of Kim Basinger He inspired all kinds of comments about his appearance. The mythical protagonist of Nine and a half weeks seemed completely unrecognizable there baby shower from his daughter Éire (27).

Basinger, 69, attended the party where the sex of the child her daughter was expecting was to be revealed, along with her boyfriend, Mitch Stone. The IS actor he chose a charcoal gray masculine tailored suit and a black shirt, which he combined with lace up shoes, also very masculine, but more than the Looksa far cry from the sexist stereotype he’s been drawing since the 80s, he drew attention to his a new face, results, apparently, of his final aesthetic retouching. No wrinkle is visible on a face so smooth it looks like it’s made of wax.

he baby shower it was nothing traditional from his daughter Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin chose an unusual theme and was surrounded by strippers, dollar bills and cheeseburgers. Ireland, in a pink wig, and her friends had a great time. Her friends showed up with fake pregnant bells and made an exhibition of it pole dance and she cheered them on.

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In one of the images that Éire uploaded on her Instagram account, her mother is seen with her head lying on her stomach, full of bills, and the model is smiling.

Not all his fans liked the photos. There are many that are criticized the party and have described it as “bad taste”.

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