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Is Peru’s place at risk as the organizer of the 2023 Under 17 World Cup?

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the 19th was not possible Under 17 World Cup originally scheduled for 2021 i Peru. Some time later, FIFA granted the South American country a vote of confidence, respecting the election and postponing the competition until 2023.

However, there is now a journalistic report that questions the organization of the World Cup in Inca lands. At The Sporting News we review everything that is known so far.

Why is Peru’s place at risk as the organizer of the 2023 Under 17 World Cup?

In October 2019, FIFA gave Peru permission to organize the Under-17 World Cup in 2021, although as it was well explained, the tournament will finally take place in 2023. In the middle there were rumors of the most different people regarding the mother house of soccer consider changing the place because of the lack of organization and for the social conflicts happened in the country.

Gianni Infantino himself, sports manager, wore the versions on the ground and during the FIFA Council in Kigali, Rwanda, in mid-March 2023, Peru confirmed. Now what happened?

Journalist Gustavo Peralta Coellofrom the Libero newspaper, through his Twitter account, reported that The Peruvian government does not consider that the organization of the competition is possible due to the heavy rain which affects a large part of the country, which would make the authorities place particular emphasis on the structural recovery of the affected areas.

Peralta Coello also explained that ENFEN, the Multisectoral Commission in charge of the National Study on the “El Niño” Phenomenon, made an analysis that reported that More phenomena will come and that is why they are not suggesting that there should be a World Cup.

Finally, the journalist explained that Inheritancethe public institution attached to the Ministry of Transport and Communications that guarantees quality infrastructure and services,”he did not complete the works as he should and there was too much delay“.

When and where is the 2023 Under 17 World Cup being played?

he Under 17 World Cup 2023 to dispute between Friday, November 10, and Saturday, December 2, 2023. Peru cities offer the lime, which will present the State of the Nation, Callao and pearboth with their respective Miguel Grau, Chiclayoby Elijah Aguirre and takeby Jorge Basadre.

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