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Illusion: Born in Technology Review

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Oriol Yerga, who directed the documentary in 2018 on the mythical Legion in which MariskalRock and El Pirata collaborated, is out of his sleeve with his an illusion this LP in question, produced by Víctor de Valera (drummer of Angelus Apatrida).

He defines himself as thrash n’ roll and, of course, the story goes about it. Apart from the pure thrash that encompasses the whole work, and that it becomes like Motörhead at certain moments, I would also add to the details a mixture of speed, heavy classical, and even nods to death.

From top to bottom, ‘Born in Technology’ is dressed in a thong, without concessions. Solid, direct work with brand-free strength that breathes in the metallic universe wherever it pleases. In a way, if you like power, here’s a new exponent to put in your ear.

New, right; in 2018 they released an EP called ‘Liberty for Sale’, which helped them rub shoulders on stage with Bellako, Violblast, Eternal Psycho or Dekta, among others. But it is now when they go long with nine tracks that will drill you unceremoniously.

The song that names the conglomerate is presented to the hotbed. Unlimited speed with thick guitars that keep up with the voracious double bass drum. Ongoing, “Heritage of the Breed” was born; Except that the voice moves near where the growling comes from, the memory of a certain combo from Albacete at this point is unavoidable. And it’s good news.

“Lost Generation” changes the modus operandi, starting to repeat a precise and furious rhythm that consumes the song in the lyrics. The speedster resumes his lead role in “Masters of Disaster”, with a gorgeous chorus first. As we said above, they have no doubts about navigating any branch of brute metal; and is “Mr. Death”, although his base is more and more, he first produced with doom-like styles, like Paradise Lost.

It is in the three minutes that “Citizenfour” lasts, where the punkarra attitude they tell us in the press release shines. There is not much left, and the surprise of the change of language stops you in “La Nº 7 (or the four assholes)”. The Castilian had appeared in the first bars of the album, but it is in this one that they will return the most to the classics from here, such as Muro or even Anarko.

“Titans of the New World” packs the penultimate hole. It is one of the most complete and explosive cuts. The last round is for a version, I would swear that it is in Italian and a spell has passed, of “Bella Ciao”.

Recorded at the Axtudios in Barcelona by Mr. Ax and mastered in Sweden by Christoffer Borg (Amaranthe, Evergrey…), ‘Born in Technology’ cannot be overlooked.

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