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How many Caribbean Leagues has Venezuela won?

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Venezuela has a good history in the Caribbean League. Your team puts up seven titles since he took part in the competition for the first time, in the 1949 edition.

Three teams from the top of the winners share the a caribbean classic among the clubs of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. The IS Drivers for Magellan (first country champions), Eagle Zulia and Caracas Lions they flaunt two titles each. The IS Aragua tigerthe last to enter the list and the last of the Venezuelan champions, in 2009, they completed the account.

All the titles of Venezuela in the Caribbean League

Year Champagne
1970 Drivers for Magellan
1979 Drivers for Magellan
1982 Caracas Lions
1984 Eagle Zulia
1989 Eagle Zulia
2006 Caracas Lions
2009 Aragua tiger
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