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He punishes his son for playing a video game for 17 hours non-stop

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    How much time can a child spend with a video game? In accordance with the addictive aspect of the entertainment and the personality of the children which has not yet been done, it could be said infinitely. However, parents and children who know the feeling of being hooked on the screen can think so. However, one parent managed to prove just that what some would see as a reward is an exemplary punishment.

    Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok revealed that uA father in Guangzhou forced his 11-year-old son to play without stopping or sleep as punishment after he was caught playing on his mobile phone at 1am.

    When the father discovered the boy, he decided to lead him the other way. She forced him not to be able to sleep (she would shake him to wake him up when he fell asleep) and to play until six o’clock the next day, when the young man ended up vomitingas the child explained himself on social networks.

    The punishment has achieved its complex result. The boy has recognized that he will fulfill all his obligations from now on without protest, and among them he will not be playing video games on the sly at dawn. “I promise to go to bed before 11 pm“, he declared.

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    However, the father himself discouraged other parents from following his example on social media. “It was my last option,” he clarified about the rehousing of the 11-year-old boy who did not comply with the house rules.

    It happens that in China there are children not playing any video games during the week and their time on weekends is limited to three hours to avoid this type of addiction.

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