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Georgina Rodríguez’s heartbreaking confession about the death of her child with CR7

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Georgina Rodriguezthe model of Spanish origin and the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, they lived in April of last year a tragedy that undoubtedly marked their lives. With the illusion overwhelming the parents who were waiting for their twins to become their arms, tragedy struck and unfortunately one of them was unable to survive shortly after birth.

Despite what happened, the famous couple she tried to continue lovingly caring for her child who managed to be healthy. On this event, the wife of a world soccer star admitted for the first time the hard time she went through as a mother when she was left without the opportunity to enjoy the company and love of her child.

A new season of her reality show premieres

The world famous model is in the process of launching and presenting the second season of her reality show called “I’m Georgina” which guides the viewer to meet her in the privacy of her home and her person, in her daily life as a businesswoman, mother, model, influencer and wife of Cristiano Ronaldo for seven years, recognized as one of the best soccer players in the world..

Georgina shared the trailer for the new season of her reality show on the streaming platform Netflixwhere he comments for the first time on what it was like to assimilate the life and death of his newborn child.

“There’s more of it 40 million of the people who follow me, but no one knows what I feel… This year I have lived the best and worst moment of my life at once”, said Georgina.

They make a great couple who support each other

And he says that “life is hard, life goes on. I have reasons to continue, to be a strong treasure.” Over the course of the video, he comments on the important part of it CR7 It was in that part of his life and at the time they were married. “Cris encouraged me a lot to go ahead with my commitments, he told me: ‘Gio, go ahead with your life, it will do you good’. Now my priority is my family, they are my children, I am very happy and very grateful.”

Of course, he could not miss the subject of his relationship with him Cristiano Ronaldo, who, according to her, is a good husband and an excellent partner, part of the success that brought them a stable and lasting marriage. “It is very detailed, very good for me. Cristiano is the love of my life.

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