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Everything about the first vibrating Easter egg is here

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    remains a few weeks so that the Easter season officially arrives. You know, what for many of us is the crunchy holiday on the calendar. And that is, Who doesn’t like to have an excuse to skip the diet and enjoy a good chocolate according to tradition? Above all, if it is one, inside, hides sensitive sex toy inside. Now that’s good fun in every way.

    And the company Ricky launched the first chocolate egg with a toy hidden inside. The best _____? Its incredible dimensions, it is a real pleasure.

    Surprise Eggs Love Ricky



    Meet Ricky Love’s surprise egg

    In this first world, sure to make your grandmother and mother-in-law blush at the family meal, Ricky has managed to blend the act of chocolate candy-munching with the sexiest and most intimate moments. Seriously, we’re really excited.

    Nickname as: Love Egg Suprise, this tasty and crunchy Easter candy keeps its mythical chocolate taste, but it enhances your enjoyment of the rhythm of vibrations of your gift. A quality that will, perhaps, this time keep him away from the family’s food.

    And that is, with this invention, Gone are the days of eating the chocolate surface in a few seconds; inside, there is a hidden sex toy for you to enjoy.

    But there is more! In 2023, Ricky wants to be ahead of the game, so the heroes of sex technology have given you the choice between a spicy gift for vulva lovers or a pleasant surprise for lovers bod. Hooray for diversity!

    All that remains to be said is: We are really looking forward to Easter! However, if you can’t wait for a few days, you can always resort to a sex toy, such as this highly recommended vibrator.

    Penguin vibrator for orgasm on another level



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