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Could Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen reconcile? There is a chance

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ANDit is possible that Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen they can get back together, according to the psychologist Jo Hemmings. “Since the divorce, tom and gisele they are posting pictures showing them looking their best. But they often carry cryptic messages to show what they’re missing by being apart,” Hemmings said.

“We’ll see a few more posts from tom and gisele together as a family in the medium term and before final decisions are made. They need to resolve and compromise and they may have a third party in the form of counseling or therapy to help them work towards that.”

Hemmings she also noted that the couple’s impulsiveness could help them find a solution: “It won’t happen overnight despite their impulsiveness sometimes,” she said. “They also have to think about their children. If they are not completely sure that they have completely solved their problems, it would be harmful for them if they moved back together,” he said.

“They are a close family in terms of co-parenting and Tom seems keen to return to the nfl what created the conflict in the first place. They’re obviously coping quite well, but there’s a sense of loss and sometimes loneliness: that if they got back together, they’d blossom rather than just fight.”

Tom and Gisele are good parents and that can bring them together

Tom Brady shared a Valentine’s Day quote from yogi Sadhguru on Instagram, which read: “Love is not a transaction; it is a certain exuberance and sweetness of your feelings.”

Hemmings believes the tone of his social media posts is important: “Tom it could be showing a cheat image, but you quickly dismissed it as something you weren’t really aware of. He didn’t completely remove his hand from her crotch and promised not to post again. They are in the cryptic phase: Gisele, in particular, is sending messages that are open to interpretation, which gives hope to her fans and followers.”

Hemmings suggests that therapy may be beneficial for the couple. “They definitely realize that, without resolving their core issues, getting back together as a couple is not a great idea,” he said.

“The issues they had seem to be a clash of priorities at one point. More importantly, these are not issues of infidelity or heartbreak. This means they can be resolved with compromise and consideration.”

tom and gisele they confirmed their divorce in October 2022, but Hemmings thinks they could still work things out.

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