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Copa Libertadores 2023: Teams, calendar, matches, results, format, groups, TV and everything about the competition

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The IS Libertadores Cup It is the most passionate club competition in the world. It may not have as many superstars as the Champions League, but nothing feels as good as South America’s premier competition. In her 2023 edition Several clubs from all over the continent will try to end Flamengo’s reign, which won in October 2022 Athletico Paranaense in the final in Guayaquil.

The Sports News it tells everything you need on the Copa Libertadores 2023.

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The IS Copa Libertadores 2023 started in the week of Wednesday 8 February with the first step pre. There will then be two more preliminary stages to determine the 32 teams that will play in the group stage, which will start in the week of Wednesday 5 April. In the week of Wednesday, August 2, the round of 16 will begin with the top two teams in each group going back and forth like the quarter-finals and semi-finals. The final, a singles match at an unspecified venue, will take place on Saturday, November 11. Dates may be subject to change.

A third of each group will go to the 2023 Copa Sudamericana in the second half of the year, though the four teams that lose the third preliminary stage will be in South America from their group stage.

Yes 47 clubs have qualified for the Copa Libertadores 2023counting that those who will play the Preliminaries.

  • Argentina: Boca Juniors (group stage), Patronage (group stage), racing club (group stage), Plate River (group stage), Junior of Argentina (group stage), hurricane (Second preliminary stage).
  • Bolivia: Bolivar (group stage), The Strong (group stage), always ready (Second preliminary stage), National Potosi (The first preliminary step).
  • Brazil: flame (group stage), palmeiras (group stage), International (group stage), Flemish (group stage), Corinthians (group stage), Athletico Paranaense (group stage), Atlético Mineiro (Second preliminary stage), Strength (Second step before).
  • Colombia: National Athletics (group stage), Pereira Sports (group stage), millionaires (Second preliminary stage), Deportivo Independent Medellin (Second preliminary stage).
  • Chile: Colo Colo (group stage), noodles (group stage), Curico United (Second preliminary stage), Magellan sports (Second preliminary stage).
  • Ecuador: Independent Valley (group stage), auchas (group stage), Barcelona (group stage), Catholic University (Second preliminary stage), The National (The first preliminary step).
  • Paraguay: olympia (group stage), Liberty (group stage), Cerro Porteño (Second preliminary stage), National (The first preliminary step).
  • Peru: The Lima Alliance (group stage), melgar (group stage), Crystal Sports (Second preliminary stage), Sports Huancayo (The first preliminary step).
  • Uruguay: National (group stage), Liverpool (group stage), sports maldonado (Second preliminary stage), Boston river (The first preliminary stage).
  • Venezuela: city (Group stage), Monagas (group stage), carabobo (Second preliminary stage), Zamora (The first preliminary stage).

Copa Libertadores 2023 seeds

The eight teams of the Copa Libertadores 2023 are already known will dominate the eight zones of the group stage. river and mouth from Argentina, Palmeiras, Flamengo and Athletico Paranaense from Brazil, National from Uruguay, olympia from Paraguay and Independent Valley Ecuador will not face each other in the group stage because of their privileged position in the Conmebol rankingcompiled based on recent results and historical achievements in international competitions.

Atlético Mineirowhich is ahead of Independiente del Valle and Olimpia, they missed the opportunity due to playing the preliminary stage.

  • Argentina:
    • television: FOX Sports (paid), Telefé (open)
    • Streaming: Star+ (paid), PlutoTV (free)
  • Chile:
    • television: FOX Sports 1 (paid), Chile Vision (open)
    • Streaming: Star+ (paid), PlutoTV (free)
  • Brazil:
    • television: ESPN (paid), O Globo (open)
    • Streaming: Paramount+, Star+ (paid)
  • The rest of South America:
    • television: ESPN (paid)
    • Streaming: Star+ (paid), PlutoTV (free)
  • Central America:
    • television: ESPN (paid)
    • Streaming: Star+ (paid)
  • US:
    • television: beIN Sports (paid)
    • Streaming: fuboTV (salary)
  • Mexico:
    • television: ESPN (paid)
    • Streaming: Star+ (paid)
  • Spain:
    • No rights have been sold yet.
Game Going Glass world
Sports Huancayo vs. National (PAR) 2-1 1-3 3-4
Boston river vs. Zamora 3-1 1-0 4-1
National Potosi vs. The National 1-6 1-3 2-9

The times correspond to Argentina (-3 in CDMX, -2 in the United States East, +4 in Spain).

Game Going Glass world
Carabobo vs. Atlético Mineiro 0-0 1-3 1-3
National (PAR) vs. Crystal Sports 2-0 1-5 3-5
Deportivo Maldonado vs. Strength 0-0 0-4 0-4
The National vs. free medellin, 2-2 1-2 3-4
Magellan vs. always ready 3-0 3-1 6-1
Curico United vs. Cerro Porteño 0-1 0-1 0-2
Boston River vs. hurricane 0-0 0-1 0-1
Catholic University vs. millionaires 0-0 1-2 1-2

Copa Libertadores Stage 3 Matches

*Argentina Time (-3 in CDMX, -2 in Eastern United States, +4 in Spain).

Game Going Glass world
Magellan vs. free medellin, 1-1 0-2 1-3
Millionaires vs. Atlético Mineiro 1-1 1-3 2-4
Hurricane vs. Crystal Sports 0-0 0-1 0-1
strength vs. Cerro Porteño 0-1 1-2 1-3
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