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BREAKING: MLB allowed to pay 185 million! retroactive to players

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By Robiel Vega

MLB has agreed to pay a total of $185 million to settle claims by players who have not received the minor league minimum wage over the past seven years.Advertisements

The agreement benefits players who participated in the California League for at least seven days between February 7, 2010 and August 25, 2022, participated in spring training, instructional leagues, or extended spring training in Florida between February 7, 2009 and August 25, 2022.

Also included are those who participated in the Arizona Fall League between February 7, 2011 and August 25, 2022, and signed a Minor League uniform player contract before signing a Little League Seniors uniform player contract, reviewed by the Top Class Action site and validated. with the journalist Héctor Gómez on his Twitter account.

The site itself reports that the agreement also includes a group of people who participated in the California League, spring training, extended spring training and / or instructional leagues after February 7, 2011, who did not previously sign a Major League Baseball uniform player contract. that date and previously filed a timely application for listing under the FLSA.

According to a wage and hour class action lawsuit, the MLB failed to adequately pay its minor league players for training and participation in certain leagues. The plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit say they are not paid minimum wage, receive no overtime pay and are sometimes forced to work after hours.

According to journalist Héctor Gómez, the way players can claim their money is by calling 1-888-906-0571 or by sending an email to Info@BaseballPlayerWageCase.com before December 27 this year.

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