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‘Breaking Bad’: Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston return as Jesse and Walter in Super Bowl ad

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the super bowl and with the advertisements that sponsor the major American football championship of the year, where Hollywood stars will be able to give themselves to the most talked about advertising campaigns of the year.

In this case, the snack brand PopCorners has already released the first preview of its spot for the Super Bowl, where we can see Aaron Paul back in the skin of Jesse Pinkmanhis character i break badly. And be careful, because even though he only appears in the teaser, it’s more than likely that he’ll be joined by an old friend in the final ad.

The location is recorded in the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, the scene where part of the plot of ‘Breaking Bad’ takes place. As the show’s soundtrack plays in the background, we see Jesse sitting on a lawn chair eating potatoes. He seems to get a call and answers it with: “What is happening?”. Although no answer is heard on the other end of the phone, there is It’s probably Walter White calling. (Bryan Cranston), co-star of the series.

The suspicions (if they can be called that) are due to the fact that PopCorners published a tweet on January 4 in which Heisenberg himself (pseudonym White) can be seen on the same scene, with his mythical costume and also with a bag of potatoes by him. . That is, points everything On Monday, February 13, the day of the NFL championship game, we will be treated to a new reunion of Walter and Jesse.

Will ‘Breaking Bad’ return?

The Super Bowl announcement has reignited the conversation about a possible new ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff, now that ‘Better call Saul‘ also ended. However, according to ScreenRant, Vince Gilliganthe main architect of this universe, having already confirmed that At the moment he does not plan to do any more stories related to ‘Breaking Bad’. In fact, the director would have said that he wants to do new things outside his comfort zone and see if he succeeds. Proof of this is the a new science fiction series which prepares for Apple TV +, where we will see some familiar face like that Rhea SeehornKim Wexler in ‘Better Call Saul’, who will be in charge.

Despite Gilligan’s denial, ‘Breaking Bad’ fans should not lose hope completely, because In his day he also said that nothing related to the series would be done and broke it. Even Peter Gould, producer of ‘Breaking Bad’ and co-creator of ‘Better Call Saul’ echoes the director’s statement asking: “Who knows?”, after thinking about how the team would feel if it returned to the Albuquerque desert. One possibility would be a prequel to Gustavo Fring, in which Giancarlo Esposito It has been shown benefit But at the moment there are no official plans to expand the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe.

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