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Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad, your favorite series of all time according to a survey

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MADRID, January 14 (CulturaOcio) –

Starring Bob Odenkirk, Better Call Saul, another Breaking Bad guywho earned in himself the recognition of the audience, who saw how It surpassed its predecessor in some ways.. Now, these two performances have been created by Vince Gillian, among the Favorite series of all time.

This is reflected in the results of the annual Subreddit Television survey. A poll in which fans are asked what their favorite series of all time isrising in the first two positions Badly broken and Better Call Saul. Of course, Some titles released in 2022 are not on this list,. like La Casa del Dragón or Separation, which did not enter the classification.

Conducted in mid-2022, all 4,077 respondents they chose their 20 favorite TV fiction. Thus, the total of that survey gave a total of 61,387 votes from a list that put the AMC series first. Bryan Cranston is the main actor in this film and Aaron Paul as Walter White and Jesse Pinkmanrespectively with 1,222 votes from those surveyed.

That is more than 25% of participants added fiction to their respective lists. Which shows that despite its conclusion in 2013, Gillian’s fiction continues to maintain its popularity. Thanks, in part, to an explosive finale, which watched more than 10 million viewers since the series is still available in the Netflix catalog.

Indeed, Better Call Saul, which concluded its sixth and final season in 2021, won a total of 941 votes. Which puts directly in second place on the podium Another Breaking Bad spinoff directed at Saul Goodman, the lawyer who once again faced Bob Odenkirk, who has become one of the fan favorite characters.

So much so that, many wonder if they will see mischievous lawyer, Jimmy McGill and his partner, Kim Wexler again after the great closure of the character, turned into Saul Goodman already in the Better call Saul final season. Which seems unlikely, since Gillian herself admitted that, though I want to return to the Breaking Bad universe, for the moment, she seemed to be done with it.

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