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Beers & Politics: Elections 2023. Cases, keys and challenges for the next government

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Beers & Politics: “Elections 2023. Cases, keys and challenges for the next government”

The meeting on political communication will be held for the first time in Santa Fe and will be supported by the CCU of Argentina. It will be a relaxed way to learn and debate and enjoy Santa Fe’s cultural heritage: the ready

For the first time in Santa Fe, there will be a Beer & Politics he Thursday 27 October from 18:00 there brewery yard (Calcines 1400). The theme of the assembly is: “Elections 2023. Cases, keys and challenges for the next government”.

The purpose of the meeting is to learn from political communication in a relaxed environment. The ready, as a cultural heritage of Santa Fe, will be the main drink to taste between debates and conversations that will be generated after the conference.

It will be preceded by three speakers: Lucio Guberman, Camila Farias and Fernando Pittaro.

About the speakers

Lucio Gubermann (@gubermanonline) He has a Masters in Research in Social Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences (UBA), and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (UNR). Write articles in books, newspapers and periodicals. He is the director of the Specialization in Political Communication at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, and he directed the postgraduate course in Political Communication at the National University of Rosario (UNR). In addition, he is a university professor at UNER, UCA, FLACSO, UCA and CLAEH. He was also the Academic Coordinator of the Political Governance and Management Program (CAF Development Bank – George Washington University – UNR) 2008-2013.

He is an EcoGo Associate Consultant; in election processes for political parties and Professional and Sports Associations; in Government Communications, Cabinet and national, provincial and municipal Ministries.

He has just published Positioning Flower, a book that gives a step-by-step presentation of the candidate himself and his enemies.

Camila Farias (@cami__farias) She has a degree in Social Communication with a major in Journalism, graduated from the University of Entre Rios. Specialist in Political Communication from UNR and in Public Opinion and Political Communication from FLACSO. He has a Master’s Degree in Image Consulting and Political Consulting from Camilo José Cela University (Madrid). He is a member of the Argentine Association of Political Consultants (AsACoP).

He began his professional development as a political communication consultant fifteen years ago advising various agencies of the Government of Entre Rios. During the 2015 primary election, she was the campaign manager for the lieutenant governor-elect. Image consulting and training activities were developed in media training. He coordinated the team of political marketing strategies, digital communication in social networks and directed the field of strategic communication for the campaign of the various candidates for mayor and senators of Entre Rios. In the general elections of June 2019, she was the campaign manager for the elected mayor of Paraná.

In addition, she was Secretary of Communications and Institutional Relations of the Vice Government of Entre Rios and Secretary of Strategic Coordination of the Municipality of Paraná.

She is currently a political consultant and advisor.

Fernando Pittaro (@ferpittaro) He has a degree in Journalism with honors from the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires). He completed a diploma in Political Communication at Austral University (Buenos Aires), a master’s degree in Literary Creation at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona) and a master’s degree in Image Council and Political Counseling at Camilo José Cela University (Madrid). He has worked in various media and was an international correspondent for the newspaper Perfil in Spain.

He has experience in government communications management in Argentina, where he was head of Communications in the Public Defenders of the Audiovisual Communications Services and in the Border Secretariat of the Ministry of National Security. Since 2017 he has been working as an independent consultant to governments and political parties in Spain and Latin America on issues related to political communication, and since then he has been an external consultant at the Llorente y Cuenca Public Affairs consultancy in Madrid .

His specialty is the strategic design and planning of public discourses in election campaigns and government communications. He currently teaches at a university in Spain and Argentina and directs the international postgraduate course “Literature and Political Discourse” at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Latin America (FLACSO).

Regarding the B&P

The B&P modality was born on May 30, 2008 in Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Spain and spread around the world -71 cities – including several Argentine provinces: Córdoba, Corrientes, Buenos Aires, Neuquén, Paraná, Posadas, Salta , San Luis and Tucumán.

Its founders, the political scientist Xavier Peytibi (@xpeytibi) and Juan Víctor Izquierdo (@izquierdojv), who met at a seminar in Madrid, began to develop the idea from a meeting over shared beer with political communication bloggers.

They created 25 projects to spread information on communication and politics. These include a journal, monographs, editorials (with two collections), women’s visibility projects, a website with 1,750 speeches, political image contests, personal interviews with more than 80 consultants, and much more.

In total, since its inception, the B&P has held approximately 400 meetings. They can be seen on the website beersandpolitics.com along with all the information about the event.


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