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Ayuso and the squid strategy

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When the squid finds itself in a dangerous situation, it expels the ink to escape unnoticed. This technique in politics is configured in a slightly different way: it is used to draw the public’s attention to incidental opinions, and continue to implement a policy that leaves many victims.

Isabel Diaz Ayuso (and, with her, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, her efficient Cabinet Director) are experts in public opinion. It doesn’t matter when this is said, although they are buried this week.

Yes, we had two examples of senseless actions that make us forget the terrible state of public health or education in the Community of Madrid (and, unfortunately, they are only two examples).

Ayuso participated in a humorous inauguration ceremony as President of the Royal Republic of Tabarnia in Madrid. A buffa ceremony in which Ortega Cano and one of the members of the Dynamic Duo were appointed as ambassadors. All this at €40 a cover, and in which she is compared to Isabel la Católica for uniting La Tabernia (Madrid its voters) with Tabarnia… A common daisy when there was one that filled several pages of the newspapers. By the way, I don’t know if it was by chance that Boadella returned to the Teatros del Canal.

Due to the late Elizabeth II’s respect for a decree it was three days of official mourning, despite the void connection of the British monarch with the Community of Madrid, which is the usual requirement to consider the death of a stranger as a cause for mourning. officer. His national patriotism will probably allow him to forget what happened to Gibraltar during the reign of Elizabeth II.

And, in addition, Toni Cantó resigned from his job, we imagine that it would be due to stress to generate more ink.

But it doesn’t matter when you read this. In the previous week you will be able to find similar things with the same purpose.

And in the meantime, the health services are in crisis, dismantling basic services and providing other services poorly due to the lack of personnel and infrastructure. The public University has some brutal shortcomings that leave them far from their European equivalents against the inexplicable silence of the legislators. Public pre-university education is going downhill without enough teachers and diverting funds towards the private sector. Vocational training does not even come close to covering the needs of students or the productive sectors. He does not accept the responsibilities of his actions, as is happening with the shameful situation of the houses that fall because of the autonomous metro in San Fernando de Henares. Taxes fall in favor of those who have the most and public services are insufficient, as in the case of public transport in the Community of Madrid, which works worse every day.

Public opinion is silent. Squid ink would make the headline of your daily newspaper, both mocking and mocking, which allows to hide what is really important, the situation of the Community of Madrid. The media that wants to reflect on some of the President’s disasters is not strong enough to get citizens to vote against policies that generate waste, poverty, and corruption. And the opposition does not have the ability to express its voice. With this, the strategy of the squid ends like the successful series of Japan.

And the elections are just around the corner. Let’s see if they can find a way to break this situation (and hold minor parties on the left, like a Monty Python movie, to look at what separates us ​​instead of how much agrees with us, not the it’s a way), because if we don’t expect four more years of misgovernment and bad public services.

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