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20 years after the invasion of Iraq, the American people demand peace

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Thousands of protesters gathered outside the White House to remember the cost of imperial wars and to demand an end to the Ukraine-Russia provocation.

  • A protester in Washington carries coffins as a symbolic representation of the millions of victims of the past 20 years of US militarism.

A strong demand for an end to militarism and sanctions policy the streets were filled with it Washington DCwhere Thousands of people gathered to mark the 20th anniversary of the US-led invasion of Iraq.

From the White House to the newspaper newsroom Washington Post, did the protesters coffins draped in the flag of the invaded countries in these two decades of intense warming.

They also claimed the end of the situation in Ukraine, the United States initiated to expand its power in Europe.

They asked their government cut the military budget and stop the delivery of weapons to kyiv, as well as withdraw sanctions on Syria and other nations affected by its hostile policy.

Among the slogans and posters stood out phrases against the racial apartheid “Israel” and in favor of mutual understanding with Chinato avoid a new escalation of attacks.

Other banners read: “Feed the people, not the Pentagon.” “dissolving NATO”, and “Remember Iraq. No more wars based on lies!”

The purpose of the exhibition was, according to what its organizers declared to the local press to warn people about the threat of world war and to raise awareness of the human and financial cost of militarismfor that country and abroad.

they mourned the the deaths of millions of people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Palestine and Yemen and called on US officials to focus on increasing health care, housing, living wages and climate justice, not war.

the media involved in war

Denials of this day also included the complex corporate media as CNN, NBC and ABCdescribed as echo chambers for the Pentagon by journalist and young lawyer Chuk Modi on his Twitter account.

This kind of pressure on false accusations about weapons of mass destruction in the Arab country, which began in Iraq in March 2003, supported the US war against Iraq, which was then led by Saddam Hussein.

Even without definitive figures, it is believed to be that invasion claimed the lives of over three million civilians, and 20 years later children were still born with deformities as a result of the use of dirty weapons by the United States military, including white phosphorus and depleted uranium.

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