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Home Run Propaganda and the World Baseball Classic

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Hurry for the Cuban team. Down with the Cuban team.



Attention baseball fans and political analysts! In the fifth World Classic, the Cuban team has hit the diamond with a power swing and steel gloves. But it’s not all fun and baseball, as the Government and Cuban officials have taken advantage of the situation to truly display political propaganda. Wow, they understood how to use the speed of the fields to send political messages!

The cartoons that Mataraca presents today show the face of propaganda. On the mound the Cuban government is discussing the victory of the national team and trying to use the players as puppets to distract the people from their real problems.

In the batter’s box are the fans who noticed that something stinks in the stadium. It is not the smell of hot dogs or popcorn, but a political strategy that seeks to cover the sun with gloves. They deny that the Cuban team and some of their members who play in foreign leagues are being used as a front, cleaning the face of the Cuban Government and drawing the public’s attention from the brutal actions, the current economic crisis and human rights violations.

In the world of social networks, reality and media, the Cuban team and its foreign players are caught in the middle of a baseball game with a political twist. Will they be able to win and bring the focus back to what really matters: love of sport and respect for human rights?

Cuba’s participation in the fifth World Classic is not only the subject of a baseball tournament, it is a game of power and politics played out on a diamond full of surprises.


I was hoping for a bit of rice and beans rather than the…


Have fun, champ!

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