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Seeing is Believing: How Mirrors Help You Achieve Your Health Goals

The COVID-19 pandemic has been at the forefront of health concerns in the USA for over a year now. However, as vaccination programs are rolled out, people are beginning to shift their focus to other aspects of health. Here are some of the latest health trends in search queries:

Mental Health:

There has been a surge in searches related to mental health in recent times. The pandemic has taken a toll on people’s mental wellbeing due to extended periods of isolation, financial pressures, and job uncertainties. According to a recent study, anxiety disorder and depression rates have tripled and quadrupled, respectively, since the onset of the pandemic. People are turning to the internet to find ways to cope with this unprecedented mental health crisis.


With lockdowns and social distancing protocols in place, people have had to look for alternative means of healthcare. Telehealth or virtual healthcare has emerged as a popular option. With telehealth, patients can consult with doctors and healthcare providers from the comfort of their own homes. Search queries for telehealth options have been on the rise as people look for ways to stay safe without compromising on their health.


With gyms closed for a significant part of the pandemic, people have had to find other ways to stay fit. Home workouts have become a popular option, with search queries related to at-home workout routines, fitness equipment, and workout apps on the rise. Moreover, people are also looking for ways to stay active outdoors, with queries related to hiking, biking, and running seeing an uptick.

Healthy Eating:

Another trend that has gained momentum this year is healthy eating. People have been trying to boost their immunity and maintain good health by incorporating healthy foods into their diets. Search queries related to plant-based diets, immunity-boosting foods, and healthy recipes have seen a significant increase. Additionally, people are also searching for ways to reduce food waste, recycle, and adopt sustainable eating habits.


The health trends that are currently dominating search queries reflect the challenges and concerns that people are facing in these unusual times. These trends are an indicator of the need for mental and physical wellbeing, easy access to healthcare, and sustainable living. Staying informed and being proactive about one’s health has never been more important, and we must all continue to look for ways to take better care of ourselves and those around us.

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