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Subject arrested for theft of copper wire in Los Angeles

Subject arrested for theft of copper wire in Los Angeles

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Specialized personnel from the Foco Biobío Patrol, dedicated to combating and identifying various crimes, including the theft of cables from the city’s power line, arrested this morning a 48-year-old individual, since he was caught asking for wires to sell from collection. from a metal buying and selling center.

While in flagrante delicto, the man, who lives in the commune Nacimiento, was arrested with 75 kilograms of copper wire, in different sizes and diameters, material that he kept inside three sealed plastic containers. That amount previously in the context that the individual could not prove the initiative or the document supporting it was his property.

For these reasons, the matter was made available to the Los Angeles Local Prosecutor’s Office for the respective procedure. In addition, it was reported that the vehicle he used to move the cables was seized, while it is still at the disposal of the Public Ministry.

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